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GSU officer who was captured threatening Kenyans in 2021 dies

Enock, alongside eight others, recorded a video threatening Kenyans before their pass-out parade in 2021.

The late Enock Kimathi

The passing of Enock Kimathi, a General Service Unit (GSU) officer who gained notoriety in 2021 for his involvement in a viral video threatening Kenyans during a pass-out parade, marks a sombre turn of events.

Enock's final journey came to a solemn conclusion on Saturday, September 16 as he was laid to rest in his hometown of Meru.

The occasion was marked by heartfelt condolences from county officials who mourned the loss of the fallen soldier.


The circumstances surrounding Enock's untimely passing remained shrouded in mystery, as a neighbour who paid tribute to him during the eulogy mentioned that he had been rushed to the hospital for an undisclosed reason.

Kimathi, along with his fellow recruits, garnered widespread attention for their behavior, which drew criticism from both the public and the National Police Service bosses.

The emergence of a brief yet highly impactful viral video in 2021 featuring young General Service Unit (GSU) graduates issuing threats to civilians stirred significant outrage within the Kenyan online community.

The video depicted eight GSU soldiers confidently expressing their intentions to treat civilians harshly upon completing their training.


"Mmeishaa..tutawamaliza. Sisi ndio wale wasee...hapana tambua...tunakuja inje...sisi ndio wa pa pa pa," said the recruits.

While mourning his death, several people maintained that his viral video was a result of rejoicing, and that people should not judge him.

Ricky Kipkoech What exactly killed this young man.

mbevo ujana ilikuwa inawasumbua.


tonnietonny713 Why are people celebrating his death as if he offended anyone? He celebrated his graduation and was excited to come out and serve.

jymm He was just happy for graduating just like any other graduate.

Lekishon Morgan Rest easy crew we are yet to come where you are also the route is one.

Kate Wueh wat killed him jameni 😭


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