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How I met Isaac - Muthoni Mukiri reveals first encounter [Video]

Isaac introduced Muthoni to his parents after 6 months of dating and popped the question on Valentine’s day after 8 months.

Media personality Muthoni Mukiri and her fiancé Isaac Ng'ang'a

Former Inooro TV anchor Muthoni wa Mukiri has spoken for the first time about how she met her fiancee Isaac.

In a candid Q&A session on her YouTube channel, Muthoni recently revealed that the two met a year ago at a chama party that Teacher Wanjiku had invited her.

Isaac was seated at the end of the round table under the shade of a tree and I didn’t think much of him. He was there playing cool and we were having a good time.

Eventually, Isaac came over to where I was and told me I had a beautiful smile and had been watching me from the far end and the rest is history,now we are getting married,” Muthoni recalled, promising to release a video explaining the journey of their relationship.


She said one of the things that assured her that Isaac was her soul mate was that their values and principle about relationships and marriage aligned.

He is my number one cheerleader, he sends me materials he watches my videos and gives me feedback.

"He is also a leader where he works, he is into leadership and coaching, he has people under him that he coaches every day so what I do here really matches with who he is as a person. He's also very compassionate, he's kind.. you know and those are things I’m about,” she said.

Muthoni disclosed that she had been single for two years before meeting her fiancee and have dated for one year.


When I met him he was also at the same point where he was done playing games, he was done with people who are not serious and he wanted someone serious and something more so I think we just we were compatible,” the media personality explained.

It was during their third date that Muthoni felt the time was ripe to communicate her expectations about their relationship.

Isaac introduced her to his parents after 6 months of dating and popped the question on Valentine’s day after 8 months.

I did not talk a lot about my proposal for obvious reasons because he had not come to my parents home. He also did a birthday party for me but I didn't say he's the one who that he's already come home and things are out here I feel free to talk about it,” Muthoni revealed in July.


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