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Man intended to end Huddah Monroe's life, ends up saving her

According to Huddah Monroe, 3 jealous women sent a man to pose as an investor to lure her trust. However, the day of their planned meeting took a dark turn.

Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe, a Kenyan socialite, and entrepreneur, recently opened up about a harrowing incident in which she was drugged by three individuals who intended to harm her.

Huddah recounted her terrifying ordeal in 2018 when she fell victim to a sinister plot allegedly orchestrated by three women.


She revealed that she was drugged, leaving her in a half-dead state for three days.

Huddah emphasised that the person they sent to drug her did not take things to the extreme. Instead, this individual displayed an unexpected act of humanity by calling doctors to provide her with food and intravenous drips.

"Ever since I got drugged in 2018 ..... I was half dead for 3 days straight & it was done by 3 ladies who act all holy online. The person they sent liked me and he didn't go the extreme. He even called doctors to give me food & IV drips," Huddah wrote.


According to Huddah, the motive behind this incident was jealousy. The perpetrators knew they couldn't manipulate Huddah for their personal gain, so they devised a sinister plan involving her business.

They sent a man who posed as an investor, engaging in lengthy discussions about business plans and agreements. However, the day of their planned meeting would take a dark turn.

Her drink was spiked with drugs. Because of her connections in high places, the perpetrator was apprehended within just five hours.

"They knew they can't PIMP me for shit. So they used my business as a game plan. Sent this dude to act like an investor. We chatted for months, did business plans and all & finally agreed to meet. The day of the meeting, the dude drugged my orange Juice," she wrote.


Law enforcement offered Huddah the option to press charges, but she decided against it. One of the culprits was heavily pregnant, and the other two were still in Kenya. Huddah chose forgiveness.

"Thank God that I know people in high places. Guy had ran away but we arrested him within 5hrs They asked me if I wanted to press charges but one of the culprits was heavily pregnant and the other 2 were in Kenya. So I chose to forgive," she wrote.

Huddah credits her survival to divine intervention. She believes that God wasn't finished with her yet and granted her a second chance at life.


She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to share her story, acknowledging that things could have ended much differently.


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