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Huddah Monroe reveals reason behind her belly growth

Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe caused a stir on social media on Monday, March 13, after sharing videos that suggested she was three months pregnant

Huddah Monroe

Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe caused a stir on social media on Monday, March 13, when she shared a series of videos on Instagram that suggested she was three months pregnant.

In one of the videos, the businesswoman could be seen dancing to a background song and indicated she was three months pregnant.

"Three months pregnant," she wrote


However, Huddah has since clarified that this was not the case.

Through her Instagram stories on March 14, Huddah Monroe retracted her earlier statement and provided clarification about her seemingly enlarged belly in the videos she had shared.

"I am not pregnant, ya'll! My belly is just getting bigger lol!" she wrote. "I am in the grown-woman phase." she wrote.

Huddah went on to tease her fans, saying that she had not yet found a man strong enough to get her pregnant.


In August 2022, Huddah revealed that she was not in a hurry to have children.

In response to a fan's question about her concerns regarding menopause and motherhood, Huddah Monroe expressed that a woman can be a mother in many different ways, not just through childbirth.


According to Huddah, motherhood means being able to provide a sense of belonging and care for all children, regardless of their biological background, including those who are homeless.

“I don’t know. The only purpose of a woman on earth is to give birth. So that doesn’t bother, never even thought of it. There's too many homeless kids with no mothers or parents so you could still mother them. Being a mother is to nurture or bring up,” she said.

Huddah Monroe has offered guidance to young women who marry early but divorce.


According to her, marriage should not be solely based on intimacy or leaving due to a cheating spouse but instead on the desire to start a family.

Huddah has been lately keeping a low profile about her private life.


Her first public relationship was with rapper Prezzo, after participating in Big Brother Africa.

She is known for her bold and outspoken personality and lavish lifestyle, as portrayed in her Instagram photos and videos.


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