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Huddah defends fake first-class flight claims

Huddah said she ate caviar during her first-class flight last week, so she did not steal any menu like her 'friend' claimed

Huddah Monroe and Fatma

Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe 'Boss Chick', has responded to social media critiques that she posted and flaunted someone else's videos on Instagram.

It was apparent from the Monday 27 video clips that the person who did not reveal their face was travelling on a first-class flight.

She seemingly enjoying sumptuous meals and beverages while lounging on a well-made bed covered in pristine white linens.


However, the alleged original photo owner, Fatma Mohammed, said she was the owner and the person in the video.

Responding to the claims, Huddah took to her Instagram stories to inform her fans and Fatma that she would never post anything that wasn't hers.

Huddah said she ate caviar in first class last week, so she did not steal any menu as some people had presumed.

"I was eating caviar on first class last week. Why would I steal a menu image? B*ch is delusional," Huddah wrote.


She further noted that a friend sat beside her when she was taking the picture.

"I'm unfollowing people I know personally on IG to protect them from BS. I was travelling with a friend and people found her page and started sending her BS, saying I stole her shit when she was next to me in the same flight," Huddah wrote.

Meanwhile, Fatma responded to the post and said she had never met Huddah and wasn’t on the same flight.


"Let's tell the truth, we weren't on the same flight, the girl has the right to post what she wants and it doesn't bother me if she uses my content, but ya'll just push people to lie on this social media. Please, I don't want my name on it," she wrote.

According to Huddah, the person who accused her of posting her food menu was looking for fame in Kenya.

"I think this is why she wanted fame. She thought she will get famous in Kenya, then someone would fly her there," she wrote.


Huddah is known for her bold and outspoken personality and lavish lifestyle, as portrayed in her Instagram photos and videos.


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