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I have not killed anyone- Amber Ray as she gives her side of the story

I’m a second wife & I’m not a mad person- Amber Ray

Amber Ray with Jamal Rohosafi and Amira

Socialite Faith Makau aka Amber Ray, has put up a video, narrating her side of the story following the drama with her co-wife Amira.

In a 15-minutes’ video, Amber argued that she is only a second wife and have not killed anyone to deserve all the hatred being directed her way.

She went on to state that, Amira is the one who provoked her by calling her a prostitute; accusing Jimal’s first wife of trying to use Juju on her after a dead bird was found at her gate.


Amber Explains

“Even if I’m the second wife I have not killed anyone and I have been getting so much hatred and Negative energy from social media and it all because of this. I reached a point I had to stand up for myself.

You can’t keep on insulting me using my past to make me look bad. Katiba imekubali, even if am a second wife, I have not killed anyone… you try so much kunivuruga. Ahata hiyo siku angekuja tu and knock at my place am not a mad person ati nimvuruge…I don’t mind listening to her story but don’t a crucify me because am a second wife.

As a society I know it hard to except second wives but this is what is happening this day. As much as unakataa kushare, we are sharing” explained Amber Ray.

The socialite accused Amira of being a pretender who is always looking for sympathy on social media by pretending to be the innocent one.



“I’m not on you case, you are on my case. Yes, I am a second wife, you were there before me but it doesn’t give you any right to feel like you can walk over me. And by you coming to my house I have every right to defend myself. You came insulting me, saying huyo Mwanamke ni Malaya vile anavaa”

Don’t try and come into my life and dictate how I should live my life. Let everyone live their life. Kill Mtu aaangalie Kwake. And if its respect yiu have to respect yourself first, for me to respect you… I am a human being and I belong to the streets I will fight back. Am nit here to be stepped on.

It was Jamal’s choice to make me his second wife and I didn’t not kill anyone” said Amber Ray in part


She went on to advise fellow second wives to live their truth and never allow intimidation.

The Drama

On Tuesday (Night), drama was witnessed in Syokimau after Amber Ray and her Co-wife Amira confronted each other over husband Jamal RohoSafi.


In an Insta-Live, the two could be seen hurling insults at each other, with Amira accusing Amber of ruining her marriage. In the video, Amira could be seen outside in company of her friends and family throwing insulting at Amber Ray while blaming her husband for marrying the socialite.

On the other hand, Amber maintained a straight face, stating that she will not be intimidate by Amira simply because she (Amira) is the first wife to Jamal.

She went on to say that Amira should humble herself and agree to share, because she is not the one who seduced Jamal.

Never Ever


In May, Amira disclosed that she too had learnt of her husband’s new relationship with the socialite on social media.

She further added that she has still not accepted and will never accept Amber as her co-wife because she was not involved in the decision to have her married to her husband.


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