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Kenyan influencers describe their exes using food, here are the best answers [Video]

Each influencer's choice reveals not just personal tastes but also deeper information about their past relationships

A collage of content creators & influencers Nasieku, Martina Glez, Jony Hairdresser and Bena wa Malines

Have you ever wondered what your ex would be if they were a type of food?

Well, we asked a couple of influencers what food best describes their ex and the responses we received were as diverse and flavorful as a buffet spread.

Nasieku likened their ex to mahindi choma suggesting a relationship that was straightforward and enjoyable, yet perhaps lacking in depth.

Bena wa Malines described their former flame as a kienyeji chicken with make-up, cleverly suggesting an ex who may appear appealing at first glance but is really just an ordinary person.


Ciku Muchiri stood out with her positive spin, likening her exes to steak, a premium choice that suggests she harbours no ill feelings and sees her past relationships as valuable experiences from which she's learned.

Watch the responses in the video below

These culinary comparisons go beyond mere humour, offering insights into the emotional landscape of relationships.

Food, with its universal appeal and rich array of flavours, provides a perfect metaphor for the complex blend of experiences, emotions, and memories that relationships bring.


It speaks to the nourishment, joy, and sometimes indigestion that love can bring into our lives.

The video has not only entertained but also resonated with viewers, prompting them to reflect on their own past relationships through the lens of food.

It opens up a conversation about how we relate to each other, highlighting the fact that, much like food, every relationship has its own distinct flavour, and what may be nourishing to one may be unpalatable to another.

Just as the world of cuisine offers an endless variety of flavours, textures, and aromas, the realm of relationships is equally diverse, catering to different tastes and preferences.


Much like how one person's cherished delicacy might be another's culinary nightmare, relationships that don't work out for one individual can flourish beautifully for another.

This fascinating parallel between food and relationships offers a rich perspective on human connections and the subjective nature of compatibility.


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