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Janet Mbugua shares emotional love poem she wrote to ex-lover

Read the following piece to find out what Janet Mbugua wrote to her, ex-lover

Janet Mbugua

Former news anchor Janet Mbugua took to her Instagram account on July 31 to share a love poem she wrote for her ex-boyfriend back in the day.

Janet mentioned that she may have written these poems between 2005 and 2007, and most of them were about love, lost love, passion, and relationships.

She continued by expressing her current introspection, trying to understand her past self, who she was then, what she was thinking, what challenges she was facing, and whom she was dating at that time.


"This is one of the few I’m posting as I figure out what to do with the rest. Don’t laugh! Try not to. I was simply expressing myself. And clearly letting go of lost love!" Janet wrote

Funny I would think that two years ago,

I was the one thing you were certain of


We were the heart of everything was a flirt

You were gentle

I was the spoilt one

where you would spend

Funny, we thought we'd stay


Only to throw it all away

Strange that our paths crossed when I was up in arms

You were rational, I'd lost my mind

You were convinced that I was your kind

You talked and charmed me. I looked away


I knew I'd turn back and made you stay

Strange that we stood side by side

Only to find ourselves in this collide

Surreal, so surreal that it's been two years

You moved on, I moved out, I stood alone, You fell in love


I remember everything

You've made it her world

Almost as if we never were

ln_mwangi This is poetic Wamuni. I've been journaling past couple of years and I have a lot of random of these and it's interesting that reading back brings back emotions that I didn't even then I could express then.


weddynjoan You should publish them.... Coz this is really good. Put them all in a book, give it a cool title and have them published.

joy_the_blessed Huggs in this life we must accept what we cannot change Shalom. Don’t I love literature!

ayuma_michelle Beautiful. When the time is right, I hope these stories will have the opportunity to bless hearts that are waiting to be touched by these words. Gosh this is impressive, is there anything your not good at my talented friend xo.


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