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Jimmi Gathu, Fred Obachi & 10 other radio presenters who are still on air 20 years later

These personalities have not only entertained and informed Kenyans for over two decades but have also significantly influenced the media landscape

A collage of Kamau Munyua, Vincent Ateya, Tina Ogal and Jimmi Gathu

In the world of Kenyan radio, longevity is a rare and prized achievement. A select group of radio personalities has not only achieved this feat but has also grown their influence significantly over the years.

With careers spanning more than two decades, these individuals have become staples in Kenyan households, guiding listeners through the highs and lows of daily life with their distinctive voices and compelling content.

Here’s a closer look at these venerable voices of Kenyan radio.


Kamau Munyua's voice has been a comforting presence for years, providing insightful commentary and engaging discussions on current affairs on Radio Citizen.

The evening show that he hosts dubbed 'Good Evening Kenya' where he talks about politics, economy family and even gets into gospel music on Sunday has made him very popular.

His ability to dissect complex issues with simplicity has made him a trusted source of information for his dedicated listeners.


Affectionately known as the ‘Blackest Man in Black Africa,’ Fred Obachi Machoka's "Roga Roga" show on Radio Citizen is synonymous with Rhumba music in Kenya.

His deep, soothing voice and charisma have made his Saturday show a ritual for many Kenyan families.

Over his 48-media career, Machoka has hosted several shows including, 'Seng'enge ni ng'ombe,' 'Ugua pole na Lucozade,' 'Sportsman ni sawa hasa,' and 'Mchanganyiko maalum na Bitchman.'

In 1988, he established FM 35 (Fred Machoka at 35), a venture primarily focused on commercial broadcasting.


In 2002, Citizen Radio beckoned him, initially sparking hesitation as it was a new station competing with industry giants like Metro Radio. However, Fred took a leap of faith, joining Citizen Radio to host the 'Roga Roga' show.

Tina Ogal's soothing voice has been a mainstay on Radio Citizen, where she hosts the drive show alongside comedian cum actor Munai Generali.

Her first stint in radio was at Waumini FM where she served as a presenter from January 2001 to February 2004.

She later moved on to Royal Media services in June 2004 where she has been offering her services on the popular show Drive On Reloaded until today.


Maina Kageni is arguably one of Kenya's most influential radio personalities. Hosting the morning show on Classic 105, Maina has a knack for sparking conversations on topical issues, particularly relationships, endearing him to a vast audience.

Maina began his career in 2000 and has worked for top radio stations such as Nation FM and Capital FM but has cemented his name while at Classic 105.


Known for her distinctive laugh and candid discussions, Cess Mutungi has been a fixture in Kenyan radio for years.

Her tenure at Capital FM's "The Jam" showcased her unique ability to connect with and entertain her audience, making the drive home a much-anticipated journey.

She has also worked at Nation FM. Today, Mutungi hosts the Classic 105 Drive show alongside Mike Mondo.


After completing his studies at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication, Vincent Ateya kickstarted his career in 2000 at Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) as a presenter before moving on to Radio 360, Family Radio, and eventually Milele FM.

In 2016, he landed a position as a Swahili presenter at the emerging Qwetu FM after his stint at Milele FM.

His adept selection of rhumba and classic hits, coupled with his command of Swahili, has earned him widespread acclaim, contributing to the success of shows like Jambo Kenya upon his return.


Jimmi Gathu, one of the pioneers of Kenyan radio, has worn many hats throughout his over 30-year career in media.

His early mornings and drive shows have been particularly popular, combining humour, life advice, and great music.


Gathu has worked for Nation FM, Hot 96 and today he hosts a show on Standard Group's Spice FM.

Edward Kwach's deep voice and intellectual approach to radio have made him a favorite among listeners who prefer thought-provoking and mature content. Kwach first stepped into radio in 1996 and since then built a name for himself in the industry.

Currently, Kwach hosts a show on Spice FM which is under the Standard Media Group.


Eric Latiff has seamlessly blended journalism with radio, offering listeners a mix of hard-hitting interviews and insightful commentary.

His work on stations like Capital FM and KTN has highlighted his versatility and commitment to quality broadcasting.


Latiff boasts of over 20 years as a media practitioner across different platforms. Today he hosts the morning show on Spice FM.

Hassan Mwana wa Ali's distinctive voice has been a staple on Swahili Radio, where he connects with listeners by discussing education, culture, and sports.

His deep connection with the sports fans has made him a beloved figure. Kauleni started at Radio Citizen where he hosted an education show dubbed Nuru ya Lugha before he moved to Radio Maisha in 2010.


Currently, Ali Kauleni is with Cape Media-owned Radio 47.

Njogu wa Njoroge's move from Kameme FM to Gukena FM was a significant shift in Kikuyu radio.


Known for his engaging talk shows that delve into social, political, and moral issues, Njogu has a loyal following that appreciates his candidness and advocacy for societal values.

Njogu joined Kameme FM in 2001 and has been a household name. Over the years, Njogu has been leaving and rejoining the station. Currently, Njogu works for Gukena FM.

Fareed Khimani is a name synonymous with Kenyan radio, bringing a blend of humor, intelligence, and warmth to the airwaves.


His journey in the industry has seen him become one of the most recognizable voices across the nation, particularly known for his morning shows that mix lively discussions, interviews, and music.

Fareed's return to Capital FM, where he once again took the helm of the morning show, was a welcome homecoming for many of his longtime listeners.


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