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John De'Mathew's 2nd wife discusses rift with co-wife, 5 years after losing hubby

Following John De Mathew's untimely death in a tragic road accident in 2019, a semblance of unity and shared grief brought the two families together

The late John De`Mathew second wife Carolyne Waithera

In the wake of the tragic demise of Benga icon John De`Mathew in a fatal road accident back in 2019, his legacy continues to stir up controversy as a rift emerges between his two wives over the distribution of his estate.

Carolyne Waithera, De`Mathew's second wife, has recently shed light on the escalating tensions between herself and Sarafina De`Mathew, the late musician's first wife.

In a candid revelation on her YouTube channel, Carolyne detailed the once harmonious relationship between the two wives, which has now soured over disagreements regarding the division of De`Mathew's assets, particularly his music royalties.

Initially, both wives shared proceeds from De`Mathew's work. However, according to Carolyne, conflict arose when she launched her own YouTube channel, prompting Sarafina to allegedly block Carolyne's access to her late husband's earnings.


The heart of the dispute lies in the absence of a will left by De`Mathew, leaving no clear instructions on how his estate should be divided between his two wives and children.

“I went to court because for the first two years after John’s death, everything went smoothly and his assets were divided equally between his children.


"But when I started my YouTube channel, they refused to share the royalties we used to share. When I raised the issue, they ignored my calls. I even got John’s friend involved, but to no avail,” said Carolyne.

Carolyne, driven by the desire to secure her children's inheritance, took the matter to court, emphasising the importance of having a written document to avoid such disputes.

"I went to court for my children's sake. I had no evidence to claim anything. My advice to wives is not to claim ownership of any property until you have a written document," Carolyne stated.


In 2023, Caroylne revealed that she was kicked out of the house she had been sharing with the late De Matthew before his demise and that his family turned their back on her.


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