Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) candidate Erias Lukwago has been declared winner of the Kampala Lord Mayor election, beating musician Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone.

Lukwago managed to defend his seat, after garnering 194,592 votes. The lawyer cum politician has been the Lord Mayor of the city of Kampala, (largest metropolitan area) since January 14th, 2011.

National Unit Platform (NUP) candidate Nabillah Naggayi Sempala came second with 60,082. Daniel "Ragga Dee" Kazibwe of NRM was third with 23,388 votes while Jose Chameleone who was in the race as an independent candidate got 12,212 votes.

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago
Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago

Final results of the 2021 Kampala Lord Mayor race

Erias Lukwago (FDC) - 194,592

Nabillah Naggayi Sempala (NUP) - 60,082

Daniel "Ragga Dee" Kazibwe(NRM) - 23,388

Joseph Mayanja (IND) - 12,212

Charles Senkubuge (DP) - 2,355

Kawooya Innocent (IND) - 762

Micheal Evans Mugabi (IND) - 522

Eddie Kibalama (IND) - 490

Yakubu Musaazi (ANT) - 478

Isaac Sendagire (IND) - 386

Ben Lule - (IND) – 325

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Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone
Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone

Chameleone’s Brother.

Reacting to Chameleone’s defeat, singer Pallaso (his brother), expressed disappointed in the people of Kampala over what he termed as failure to believe in the youth.

“Congratulations my brother. We have walked almost every step of this journey together. Thanks to every one that believed in Joseph Mayanja. I still don't understand how Uganda will attain change by divisions and disbelief in young leaders. 😭 We are stronger together. I am also proud of my self as well, I have sang songs, I have risked my life and my career and much more but above all I have done my part.

I wish our politics was different I wish so many things I wish we were more united that divided, I wish we lift each other more, in the next phase lets love each other more, lets push each other more, lets be so united that no one can break the bond. That's how you win. Old African proverb says its easy to break one single stick standing alone and harder to break many sticks if combined standing together” shared Pallaso.

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