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Khaligraph's upcoming 4-storey mansion leaves Radio Jambo's Gidi in awe

Radio Jambo presenter Gidi says he will charge people to see Khaligraph's mansion

Rapper Khaligraph Jones

Radio Jambo presenter, Joseph Ogidi Oyoo popularly known as Gidi has congratulated rapper Khaligraph Jones after stumbling upon his under-construction mansion.

Gidi revealed that during his regular daily activities, he spontaneously visited Karen, where he had purchased some land six years prior.

While there, Gidi noticed a massive mansion adjacent to his property, piquing his curiosity about its owner. He recalled an agreement they had made to prevent any apartments from being constructed in that area.


The guard who was present informed Gidi that the structure was not an apartment but rather a four-story building owned by a Kenyan artist.

Curious, Gidi approached the site to confirm the information and was informed that the house indeed belonged to rapper Khaligraph Jones.

"Weuh! I texted Khaligraph and he confirmed that indeed this is his property I am so excited not only that he’s going to be my neighbor but also how this hardworking artist has decided to invest in a home," Gidi wrote.


Gidi reminisced about his time as an artist, noting that they did not earn a substantial amount of money, which is why they couldn't contemplate buying land in upscale neighbourhoods like the one in question.

"I guess the digital space and more commercial opportunities has enabled artistes to earn more from the trade. However only hard work and determination can make you harness those opportunities. OG is hardworking," Gidi added.

Gidi emphasized that Kenyan artists should invest wisely during their prime, considering the dynamic nature of the music industry and the ever-changing trends.


Furthermore, he expressed that it is important for artists to avoid squandering their money on alcohol and women, only to end up in financial ruin and resort to begging.

Gidi stated that Kenyan artists should aspire to emulate Khaligraph, as he serves as an inspiration to the new generation.

Gidi admitted that he cannot afford a house like the one Khaligraph is building. However, he humorously mentioned that he would consider charging people to see it, given that he is the rapper's neighbour.


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