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Kristoff finally reveals reasons behind long break in music

Kristoff is back in the music industry after being away for more than 2 years

Singer Kristoff

Singer Kristoff, who recently returned to Kenya after spending some time in the United States of America, has revealed the reason behind his musical break.

Speaking to Oga Obinna and Sheila Kwamboka on Kiss FM, Kristoff explained that he took a break from the industry to collect energy from different places and to adjust to the changing landscape of the music industry, which was being taken over by the social media generation.

"I saw the game was changing and also I'm from a different generation. The social media generation was now taking over and I realised things have to be done differently. Plus I needed space to go and collect energy from different places so that you come back with good vibes," Kristoff said.


When asked about his hit song 'Dundaing' Kristoff revealed that it was originally his song but he agreed to give ownership to King Kaka, who was dropping an album in December 2018. Kristoff, together with Magix Enga, decided to put the song on the album.

He couldn't predict the massive success of the song, which has now garnered over 5.7 million views on YouTube.

Rumours have been there since 2021 that he fell out with rapper Khaligraph Jones but it seems like they were fake since he said the Khaligraph is still close to him.


Towards the end of the show, Kristoff was asked to choose between Jay-Z and Nyashinski, and he picked Nyashinski over the American rapper, citing his experience of being in Nyashinski's songwriting sessions through his cousin, Collo.

Despite picking Nyashinski over Jay-Z, Kristoff believes that he is the best lyricist in Kenya and that he can't tell who is second after him.

In conclusion, Kristoff's break from the music industry was motivated by a need to adjust to the changing industry landscape and to collect energy from different places.


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