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List of male celebrities who cross dress

Here is a list of male celebrities who cross dress

From left: Dennis Karuri, Terence Creative, Shaniqwa & Kinuthia

Cross-dressing, the practice of wearing clothing typically associated with the opposite gender, has become increasingly commonplace in the 21st century. While it was once considered taboo, it is now viewed as a more ordinary occurrence.

Individuals engage in cross-dressing for various reasons, including self-expression, artistic expression, cultural exploration, entertainment, or even sexual expression. Comedians often use cross-dressing as a tool to effectively convey their messages and entertain audiences.

While some countries have embraced cross-dressing without much controversy, in Kenya, male celebrities who engage in cross-dressing often face societal backlash.

They are criticised for deviating from traditional gender norms and are sometimes accused of not conforming to masculine ideals.


Here is a list of Kenyan male celebrities who cross-dress.

Peter Nyong'o Junior, Lupita's brother, embraces cross-dressing openly and without shame.

As a musician and model, he expresses himself through a unique and unconventional sense of fashion, often prompting discussions about his sexuality.

The son of the Kisumu Governor has been spotted in stunning dresses, some featuring front slits, along with items like thongs and crop tops.


Willis Austin Chimano, a member of Sauti Sol has a unique sense of fashion that some people sometimes term as ‘controversial’ dressing.

The singer has previously been spotted in nail polish, high waist flare pants, chokers, nose rings, brow bar (eyebrow piercing), and makeup.


The self-proclaimed president of African comedy, Eric Omondi, has frequently cross-dressed in his comedy skits, sparking discussions each time he shares a video of himself portraying a female character.

Eric dons glamorous dresses, wigs, and impeccably done makeup to suit the nature of his content.


Comedian Flaqo Raz is among Kenyan celebrities who cross-dressed in the quest to entertain Kenyans while playing the Mama Otis and Akoth Characters in his skits.

Currently, Flaqo is among the comedians doing very well when it comes to rib-cracking Kenyans with his skits that have at least five characters; Mama Otis, Otis, Uncle Bakari, Baba Otis, and Akoth.

Denis Karuri, a renowned Kenyan makeup artist, has not only made waves in the world of makeup but also fashion.


His bold style statements often challenge societal norms, including cross-dressing.

Karuri has fearlessly embraced the cross-dressing trend, sharing pictures of himself looking fabulous in various outfits such as crop tops, dresses, and heels.

Similar to Flaqo, Crazy Kennar frequently takes on the persona of a female character in his comedy sketches.


He often dons a skirt and portrays roles such as a traditional wife or girlfriend.

Comedian Kevin Mwangi, popularly known as Shaniqwa who disguises himself as a lady has received love and hate in equal measure, for his feminine signature style.

He rose to fame playing the role of Shaniqwa in a local comedy show ‘Jameni’. His famous tagline ‘nitakumurder’ took the industry by storm.


Lawrence Macharia, widely known as Terrence Creative, fearlessly dons dresses and wigs while filming his comedy skits.

Terence gained immense popularity on social media for his Kamami persona, which resonates with women through its humor and relatability.

To portray characters like Aunty Terry and others effectively, Terence assumes the appearance of an everyday Kenyan woman on camera.


Muchiri, renowned for his skits embodying a quintessential dramatic Kenyan mom with his character, 'Mama Michael (pronounced Maiko with an accent),' has been spreading joy and laughter through his videos.

The gospel singer adopted the Mama Mike persona because he recognised its potential to generate numerous content ideas.


Content creator Kelvin Kinuthia has embraced the persona of a "baby girl," often donning skirts, dresses, and full makeup.

He believes that wearing women's clothing, despite being a man, is simply a fashion choice and shouldn't be a cause for concern or criticism from others.


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