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List of notable Kenyans who've sent marriage proposals to Charlene Ruto

List of notable individuals who've sent marriage proposals to Charlene Ruto following her prayer request

Charlene Ruto

Healing the Nation Crusade led by American televangelist Pastor Benny Hinn recently captured the undivided attention of Kenyans, including prominent figures in the political realm.

However, what stood out the most was a viral prayer request for 'Charlene Ruto's husband.'

Charlene openly sought divine intervention in her quest to find a suitable spouse, sparking a wave of reactions across the country.


Numerous secret admirers have responded to the widely publicized prayer request by extending marriage proposals.

One of the most notable responses came from a man known as Usiku wa Manane, renowned for his bold activism against the government.

Expressing his astonishment at her single status, he humorously offered himself as a candidate, vowing to protect her heart.


“You don’t have a husband yet, and here I am! Come and take me, please. I’ve been informed of your whereabouts. At midnight, I’ll be there to claim you. Since you’re still unattached, I’ll protect your heart,” he said in a viral video.

Nairobi gospel artist Burton King also threw his hat into the ring, expressing his admiration for Charlene and his willingness to sweep her off her feet if given the chance.

King cited Charlene's maturity and focus as qualities that attracted him to her, openly declaring his romantic interest in the First Daughter.


Adding to the chorus of admirers, Kenyan X personality Omwamba penned a heartfelt letter professing his love and admiration for Charlene.

Touched by her sincerity and faith, Omwamba expressed his desire to build a life with her based on mutual respect and support, citing grace as one of her captivating qualities.

"I was moved by your sincerity and the faith you demonstrated yesterday, and God has sent me your way. Having seen your strong faith and genuine desire for companionship, I am writing to express my admiration and to humbly request your hand in marriage...I believe that we could build a beautiful life together based on mutual respect, love, and support," he wrote in part.


Even before Charlene's public prayer request, she had garnered attention from several admirers who expressed their interest in marrying her.

In September 2023, an ardent supporter of Azimio La Umoja, known as Kevin Oyuko aka KimbiKimbi, expressed his love for Charlene in poetic verses, likening their potential union to that of Juliet and Romeo.


Oyuko expressed his dream of marrying the President's daughter, praising her beauty and charm in a light-hearted video that resonated with many.

"Mimi nimempenda Charlene Ruto... Tafadhali niangalie na macho ya mapenzi. Mapenzi yetu itakuwa kama ya Juliet na Romeo. Ukichora nane mimi ntachora saba. Ukikubali kuwa amplifier mimi nitakuwa speaker," he said.

In November 2022, a man named Bryan Tanui from Kapsabet made headlines by professing his love for Charlene and offering to pay 40 cows as dowry for her hand in marriage, showcasing a traditional gesture of affection.

"I don't drink, smoke, or subscribe to any team and I'm a strong catholic believer. I hereby pen down this text to inform you that all is never well with my life in the absence of you as Mrs Tanui," the man wrote on his Facebook account.


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