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Lynn Ngugi lists qualities she loves most about her man

Lynn Ngugi opens up about being in a relationship with a tycoon & lists the things she loves most about him

Media personality Lynn Ngugi ( Source Instagram)

Lynn Ngugi, a prominent figure in the media industry, has long kept her personal life under wraps, leaving her fans curious about her romantic relationships and family matters.

However, in a recent conversation with her close friend Lilian Zawadi on March 13, Lynn provided insights into her love life, offering a glimpse into her happy relationship.

Lynn revealed that she is currently in a fulfilling relationship and expressed pride in her partner.


According to Lynn, she is content and deeply happy with her significant other, whom she holds in high regard.

When asked about the qualities she admires most in her partner, Lynn confessed that the list is extensive, emphasising the emotional depth of her affection.

She emphasised the security and trust she feels in the relationship, highlighting the importance of feeling safe and valued.


"I could stay here the whole day... It's deep. Every time I even think of why I love him, it just sends me to an emotional space. He loves me. And it's not just like I love you because you give me this, he loves me as a person. When someone doesn't make you doubt, you know it's a safe space. When you never have to go to bed doubting is this good," she said.

Reflecting on her relationship, Lynn expressed gratitude and a sense of blessedness. She described her partner as an amazing individual with intelligence and substantial financial success, referring to him as a 'tycoon'.

"I just feel like it's given. I feel good about it. I am blessed and the luckiest woman. He's an amazing person and intelligent also. And he's loaded... he's a tycoon," she said.


Lynn and Lilian also shared insights into their respective relationships, revealing that their partners are best friends.

Beyond her personal life, Lynn has carved out a niche for herself in the digital media landscape, focusing on human interest stories.

Throughout her career, she has interviewed a diverse range of individuals, including political figures, business leaders, celebrities, religious figures, and individuals from marginalised communities.

Her storytelling is characterized by humour and a genuine ability to connect with both her audience and her interviewees.


Lynn is particularly known for her dedication to airing social justice stories, shedding light on issues affecting society's most vulnerable members.


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