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Mejja's ex deletes post labelling the rapper as 'Luhya watchman' following backlash

Anakaa watchman mluhyia - Milly Wairimu's controversial post that sparked outrage among fans

Rapper Mejja's ex-wife Milly Wairimu

Milly Wairimu, rapper Mejja's ex and the mother of his child, recently took to social media to express lingering sentiments about her past relationship.

On the evening of Sunday, March 10, Milly shared an old photo of herself with Mejja in a car, accompanied by a brief yet cutting caption.

In her post, she remarked that following a breakup, individuals often begin to perceive their former partners differently.


While Milly did not explicitly mention Mejja, the accompanying picture led many to speculate that her words were aimed at him.

Her choice of words painted a picture of disappointment and disdain for the father of her child.

Milly's social media outburst elicited a range of reactions from followers and fans. While some empathised with her and supported her decision to confront her emotions, others criticised her for what they perceived as pettiness.


Many speculated that Milly's post was fueled by unresolved hurt and resentment, particularly given the timing and nature of her remarks.

Shortly after sharing the controversial post, Milly decided to delete it from her Instagram page.

The sudden removal sparked further speculation about the underlying tensions between her and Mejja.


Despite the deletion, screenshots of the post circulated among fans and bloggers, prolonging the conversation surrounding their past relationship and Milly's expression of her feelings.

When Mejja and his ex-wife separated in 2020, both attributed their breakup to the other and aired their grievances on various social media platforms.

Mejja's post about men preferring peaceful environments sparked a debate among his followers, drawing mixed reactions.


Milly criticised the singer, accusing him of hypocrisy for advocating settling in peaceful places while allegedly engaging in infidelity during their relationship.

She alleged that video vixens who had encounters with Mejja would send her direct messages detailing their interactions with the artist.


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