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Most stylish Celebrities in East Africa

Sema Kupiga Luku!!

The Dufandas, Anita Nderu, The Dapper Brother, Otile Broen, Neomi, Juma Jux, The Abdallah's and Jamal Gaddafi.

These days, celebrities in East Africa ain’t playing when it comes to red carpet fashion.

Most celebrities are now investing in stylists to help them put together a perfect look for the red carpet. When you're in the limelight, you can't just grab a dress off some Instagram page and head over to an upscale event, you have to put your best foot forwards and ensure you look good.

So here is a list of Most stylish celebrities in East Africa

Juma Jux


Apart from his timeless music, there is another thing that stands out with Juma Jux and that is his enviable sense of fashion.

Jux is not just fashionable but also has a refined and fearless personal style. He doesn’t shy away from extravagant colours, he mixes vintage-inspired with on-trend ensembles and rocks high-end and street wear for a truly stand-out look.

He also owns a clothesline dubbed African Boy.


Jamal Gaddafi

Jamal Gaddafi is a celebrated TV host who rose to fame after winning KTN's reality show 'The Presenter'. Men will definitely admit he has a really good fashion sense that's not so easy to keep up with.

Being the face of the station demands a lot from presenters but Jamal has managed to keep up with the changing trends in the world of fashion.

The dapper brother


Muruki Kagiri, popularly known as The dapper brother, is a fashion blogger, influencer and stylist. He is extremely passionate about men's fashion and inspires them by sharing his designs on his social media pages. He is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Otile Brown

Apart from the good music that he has kept on giving his fans, Otile Brown dressing code can't go unnoticed on any given occasion.


The Just in Love Music CEO, knows how to play around with casual and official outfits.


Besides being freaking good at dropping hits, he’s also a doting father, philanthropist, and a style icon. Hip hop goes hand in hand with swag and Namba Nane’s finest definitely knows how to keep it swaggy.



G-Nako whose real name is George Sixtus Mdemu was born in Arusha in the month of May 1983.

He is a member of the vibrant Afro-Hip Hop Music Group called Weusi and his sense of style can’t go unnoticed whenever he steps out.



Award-winning Gospel artiste Masterpiece's wardrobe is literally to die for.

The 'Chini ya Mwamba' hitmaker is without a doubt one of the most fashionable male celebrities in Kenya. Unlike other Gospel artistes, Masterpiece has an edgy appearance as he sports colored hair and the latest trendy outfits; it's safe to say that he has an eye for what's stylish. He has a good sense of fashion.

Anita Nderu

By now, we all know that media personality Anita Nderu is pretty much the undisputed Kenyan queen of red carpet fashion.


And yes I might have given her that title myself but it's totally befitting and comes well deserved.

Anita is intrinsically stylish and exudes glamour and confidence in whatever she wears.

Neomi Nga’ng’a

Being the force behind Style by Neomi. This actress knows how to dress her plus size body, and when talking about fashion, she can’t go unnoticed among African entertainers.


The lady, who champions the Plus Size models, has managed to turn tables around with her unique kind of dressing.

Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan

Citizen TV power couple Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan continue to serve couple goals since being paired as “Nipashe Wikendi” duo.

The two love birds always report on duty, dressed to kill with Lulu rocking well designed Kitenge’s as Abdalla borrows the remaining material for his pocket square and Neck tie.


Lulu and Rashid, who became the first Kenyan Couple to anchor news together, have impressed their followers with their eye-catching sense of fashion.

George Dufanda and Sarah Mukami

Kenyan celebrity Barber George Dufanda and his girlfriend Sarah Mukami are always rocking matching outfits and their sense of fashion is dope.


Tracy Wanjiru

Tracy rose to fame through Kagwe Mungai’s ‘Biggest Fan’ video where she was the video vixen. She used to host ‘Teen Republik’ on NTV. She is also an MCee and a personal style blogger.


Jacky Vike

Her fashion style in ‘Papa Shirandula’ show is very questionable but away from the Citizen TV show Jacky Vike always wows us with her streetwear and personal style.

Anita Gaitho


It wouldn’t be a fashion list without one of the best bodies around now would it? Anita Gaitho has a fabulous body which she dresses in clothes that make you go whoa!

Fena Gitu


Fena is proof that even a tomboy look can be very sexy and more ladies should embrace it just like Fena has. I mean just look at her.

Joy Kendi


There is a reason why she is the most sought after style blogger around, because her personality, body and her style are popping!

Lisa Gaitho


It seems that fashion runs in the Gaitho blood as evidenced by Lisa’s and Anita’s fashionable looks. The twins have put their refined tastes to good use and established Siri Studio a clothing brand.

Sarah Hassan


Actress Sarah Hassan is among celebrities' who have mastered the art of dressing the bodies and she is always stunning in every outfit she puts on. Mrs. Dale's impressive style has been chronicled all over Instagram over the years.

Bridget Shighadi


This petite beauty rose to fame as the pretty young thing on Nick Mutuma’s arm but she has risen to become a reputable fashionista, actress and influencer.

Anita Fabiola


Former NTV presenter Anita Kyarimpa famously Know as Anita Fabiola is one of the highest paid presenters in Uganda and as it appears a good portion of her money goes on her outfits. The gorgeous Anita Fabiola knows how to dress her body.

Maureen Waititu

YouTuber and social media influencer, Maureen Waititu is a force to reckon when it comes to fashion. She knows what perfectly fits her body and goes for it. A cross check on her Instagram, gives you an indication of someone who knows how to combine pieces of clothes and be able to make a statement.


Nancie Mwai

Nancie is a beauty and fashion blogger, a darling loved by many.


She has been in the fashion industry for a long time, something that made her make a name for herself. She is daring, outgoing and her fashion sense is just mind-blowing.

Fashionable Stepmum

Catherine is a fashion blogger who runs ‘fashionable stepmum’ a blog she created to highlight her transition from a single girl to a step mum. Her style of dressing is dope.


Other of the list include;

Diamond Platnumz

Former Miss Tanzania Nacy Sumari


Joyce Omondi

Sarah Teshna


Yvonne Okwara


Actress Elizabeth Michael

Jokate Mwegelo


Agnes Nonsizi

Kate Actress


Brian Ogana


Wasafi FM Aaliyah


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