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Director Trevor & Eve Mungai take their 5-year relationship to next level

Director Trevor and Eve Mungai's love story began in 2018 when they crossed paths during a photoshoot session

YouTuber Eve Mungai and her boyfriend Director Trevor

Kenyan YouTuber Eve Mungai has received a heartfelt message from her boyfriend, Director Trevor, appreciating her for the good work she is doing.

Trevor went all out to express his pride in Eve's hard work and dedication, referring to her as his 'Wife' in a public declaration of love.

This is the first time he has referred to Eve as his wife after being in a relationship with her for over five years.


Director Trevor praised Eve's accomplishments and acknowledged her unwavering commitment.

He commended her hard work and emphasized that their collective dedication had brought them far. He assured Eve that he would always be by her side, supporting her every step of the way.


Eve quickly responded to her partner's message, expressing her appreciation. She thanked him for his constant support and love, acknowledging that he is always there for her in everything she does.

"Aaaaw this is so sweet... thankyou babe for always supporting me in everything i d. I love you," Eve wrote


The bond between Director Trevor and Mungai Eve is evident in their public displays of affection and unwavering support for each other.

Their relationship serves as an inspiration to many, demonstrating the power of love and encouragement in achieving personal and professional goals.

The young couple has become role models for most young people who are or looking to get into relationships and work together with their partners.


In previous interviews, Eve revealed that she met Trevor during a photoshoot in Thika and the romance between them began in the process, even though she was still in another relationship.

Mungai revealed that Trevor’s ex-girlfriend was depriving him of intimacy forcing him to slowly creep out of the relationship and the two began dating few months after meeting.


The couple celebrated their fifth anniversary in January 26, 2023 with beautiful messages of love and affirmation.


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