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Nano-influencers are a big deal! [Pulse Contributor's Opinion]

Content is king

Social Media

"Content is king." This old-age phrase has applied for brands for years.

As the marketing world keeps changing, it has introduced amazing creative content creators working for themselves or with brands.

While creators with thousands and millions of followers have been a trend, bigger isn’t always better when it comes to influencing.

Enter the new content warriors, nano-influencers!


Nano-influencers are the typical boy/girl next door persons with below 10,000 followers on their social media platforms.

A nano-influencers' day to day posts touch on everyday life issues while connecting with their small, loyal following.

They also engage their networks effectively and efficiently.

When they are passionate about a brand, product, service, or cause, they share real and authentic experiences and grow a community around it; tagging on their audience’s emotion strings.

As a result, they tend to have a higher engaged community – what brands target.


Nano-influencers are a valuable marketing resource, making it easy for brands to boost their social media engagement strategy.

Their commitment to ensure a brand’s product or service is well-represented and positioned compared to mega-influencers whose multiple line-up of promotions can easily water down a marketing campaign, provides additional value.

Smart Investment

To over-deliver rather than under-deliver becomes a trademark of their engagement.

As our generation values peer sentiments highly compared to other forms of marketing, nano-influencers become an interesting target to consider for your next campaign.


Their lower price point compared to mega/meta/micro influencers allows for brands to engage a larger and diverse portfolio of nano-influencers instead of focusing on one mega/meta/micro influencer.

Therefore, a brand stands a greater chance of reaching a wider demographic and increasing engagement through this approach.

It is, therefore, safe to say that with all these advantages, nano-influencers are a smart investment.

Brands need to realign their communication and marketing strategies and create provisions to include paid promotions with nano-influencers. For many brands, not knowing where to start can hinder this engagement.


Editor's Note

Embracing, and in support of the vibrant influencer culture in Kenya, Pulse Live Kenya started the #TheInfluencerByPulse series which has featured a good number of Kenyan influencers.

In growing our partnership with these voices of our time, Pulse Live Kenya has positioned itself as the go-to media partner when it comes to executing influencer marketing initiatives.

Having just hosted our second edition of the #PulseInfluencerBrunch, our commitment to amplifying these influential voices in the Kenyan space has been strengthened.


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The Author, Linda Okero, is a communications and development enthusiast who has been enhancing socio-economic transformation in Micro-Finance, Government, Business Acceleration and Advocacy space. She is the Coordinator of the UNCTAD Youth Action Hub – Kenya, a YALI Alumni and Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society.


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