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Chebet Ronoh unmasked by former PA for attacking Kate Actress

Ronoh accused Kate Actress of stealing her content

Naturality Michelle (left) and Chebet Ronoh

Naturality Michelle also known as Michelle Kaibere has spoken about what Chebet Ronoh could be going through after the content creator attacked some of the influencers for using her content to thrive.

Naturality who is a Mistress of Ceremony (MC) has a YouTube channel also and Ronoh was among the first guests she interviewed.

Michelle who is a student at Daystar University just like Ronoh has accused her of stagnating when she had the opportunity of advancing to build a big brand for herself.

Michelle was speaking to Nicholas Kioko when she said that she knows Ronoh well since she was once her personal assistant but she went quiet on her when they were recording some online content.


Michelle says that Ronoh texted her one day only to say that she had lost interest in the content that they were doing.

"We recorded everything and things looked good since we were just trying to see how the content would sound the next morning. I went to my place after we were done with the recordings but Ronoh texted me to say that she wasn't feeling everything we had done," said Michelle.

Michelle said that she decided to create her own content and that is when Ronoh decided to reach out to her again to explain why she quit what they were doing unexpectedly.


Ronoh would then tell Michelle that her body was not 100 percent okay and also added that their stars were not aligned.

Michelle was hurt at the time since she had invested a lot of time to create content with Ronoh only for her to disregard what they had done together.

Michelle thinks Ronoh should be grateful to Kate Actress for using her hashtag instead of accusing her of stealing her content when she was asked to air her views on the matter.


"For Kate it's really painful because she is a mother and someone who can also be your mother. If she used the name, Aunty Debs, it should be a win for you because this is someone who has a great voice in the media," stated Michelle.

She added that she is aware Ronoh has gone through depression, but mental health should not be an excuse for her to drag other beautiful women in the mud.

Michelle added that Ronoh has been to a rehabilitation facility if she can remember because she was overdoing drugs at some point in her life.


Michelle continued that Ronoh could be doing all these because there is a diss track that she is supposed to release soon; if that is not the case, she could also be mentally unwell again which is her opinion.

Michelle recalled how she was interviewing Ronoh one day only for her to interfere along the way to smoke.

She was disturbed because she doesn't smoke but also because it was very early in the morning for someone to do so.


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