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New twist as Willy Paul opts to sue Diana Marua over attempted rape claims

I seek the assistance of the Inspector General of Police and other authorities in investigating all these allegations labelled against me - Willy Paul

Willy Paul

Musician Willy Paul has opted to take legal action against Diana Marua, hours after she alleged that he attempted to rape her a few years ago.

In a statement, Pozze said that he will be suing Diana Marua for defamation and character assassination. He mentioned that his longtime nemesis Bahati is using his wife to settle scores with him.

“I am shocked by the false and utter defamatory allegations labeled against me by D, my longtime friend, the same has injured my reputation as a parent, father and public figure.

The allegations of attempted rape by D are baseless and orchestrated to win public sympathy, D’s crocodile tears have served the purpose and the poor mases are buying to it. I believe B is behind the scenes using the wife to fight his battles,” reads the statement in part.


Pozze went on to insist that he has never assaulted or engaged in non-consensual sex with anyone.

“I was raised by a woman and I owe my whole career to a woman who held my hand when I was a naïve and on diapers in the industry.

"The women in my life have always been my greatest inspiration some have given me children, whom I treasure more than anything. I cannot and will never assault a woman sexually,” noted Pozze.

The singer explained that Ms Marua opted to pull the gender card just to get sympathy from the public yet she was telling lies. Adding that some of his Ex’s might also follow suit and shed some crocodile tears for sympathy.


“These ex’s of mine whom I once love so much, will come forward with crocodile tears like D, courtesy of the drums of war beaten by D and B, they will play the favorite gender car, they will shed crocodile tears for prelateships that end five, six or ten years ago,' Pozze said.

He made it clear that he will be moving to court to counter sue Diana Marua who had also vowed to take legal action against him.

“We shall go to Court and get Justice. Every Human has a right to dignity and dignity must be protected. If we were to be charged for sexually assaulting out ex’s with who things did not turn out as expected, who among us boy child would still have their freedom?

I have the messages of all the evidence that I need in court. I seek the assistance of the Inspector General of Police and other authorities in investigating all these allegations labelled against me. Even as I seek the redress of the court in the defamation claims,” said Willy Paul.


Diana Marua’s allegations

On Thursday, Diana Marua went public with allegations that Pozze tried to rape her a few years ago.

“I have been crying since i opened up in this video; this was simply the worst day of my life and a horror moment to any woman who has come across rape or almost got raped. I'm still in disbelief that a man can forcefully attempt to rape you but because they vê noticed you went silent they still clout chase with your name lying to the public that they have slept with you just for clout. is that a confirmation of what you did???,” he said.

She has also said that she has filed a case in court against Willy Paul.


“You even cross the limits and sing about it to clout chase for the sake of saving your already dead numbers & career??? how do you even lack respect to that extent??? You even dare mention my kids in your nonsense??? where is your respect for mothers & women??? is that how you disrespect your mother?

“I was silent watching and collecting the needed evidence for the 3 cases I have filed with the police in court... all this woman you have raped and tried to rape are already in my dms and with the influence God has given me I will make sure they all get justice; alot of women have been quiet because he threatens them to know big people in government wacha sasa tuone- now its time we stand for our women. i cant stop crying, let's meet in court & stop a rapist,” she added.


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