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Nicki Bigfish shares distressing news about father's health, appeals for financial help

Bigfish thanked all those who have sent him kind words and even sent him monetary support

Nicki Bigfish

Popular prankster, Nicki Bigfish, recently took to his Instagram page to share distressing news about his father's health.

According to Bigfish, his father has been diagnosed with a cancerous head tumour and urgently requires financial assistance to undergo surgery.

With the weight of the hospital bill bearing down on him, Nicki Bigfish made a heartfelt appeal to his followers and the public to lend their support during this challenging time.

Bigfish also expressed gratitude for the outpouring of prayers and kind words he had received as his family goes through this hard time.


"Thank you everyone for the prayers and the kind words, Mzee is scheduled for an emergency surgery, and the hospital bill is a bit too heavy on me," Bigfish shared providing details of how any well-wishers can send their support.

The emotional plea from Nicki Bigfish was received with support from fans and celebrities who pledged their support for the content creator through this difficult timely

One notable friend of NickI Bigfish who has come out to show support is comedian Nasra Yusuf who has said that Bigfish has strived to keep his family out of the public light but things have taken a toll on him.

"If you have been following Nicki Bigfish over the years you'll notice that he's never posted anything about his personal life. He's always said he wants people to know him for his content," Nasra said.


Nasra says the current situation has forced him to lay his family to the public and appeal for help.

"For him to finally share this moment shows it has taken a toll on him, he needs our support more than ever," Nasra shared.

Below are more messages of support from fans and friends:

_natashanjoki May the Angels from above heal him in Jesus Mighty Name Amen


missturu Praying for a successful surgery and quick recovery. God is with you and your dad

_._.w.a.n.j.i.k.u._._ He's going to be okay, I'm in tears coz my dad was in the same hospital.

nana_mwikali Worry not for the Lord has already done it for you Osiepà ......IT IS WELL keep strong

isigirose2 Niko I will support you that is a deal pole sana Mzee apone

evkeybeh I stand with you in prayer and support bro, and may God stretch His healing hand upon mzee in Jesus name


Cancerous tumours, a type of abnormal growth of cells in the body, can develop in various organs and tissues, posing significant health risks and requiring timely and comprehensive medical intervention.

Cancerous tumours are characterised by their ability to invade and spread to surrounding tissues, potentially compromising vital bodily functions and leading to severe health complications if left untreated.


While the diagnosis of cancer can be an overwhelming and daunting experience for patients and their families, timely medical interventions, including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, can significantly improve the prognosis and quality of life for affected individuals.

In Nicki Bigfish's case, the urgent need for financial support highlights the critical role of community and public solidarity in alleviating the challenges faced by individuals battling cancer and their families.

By rallying together to offer financial assistance and moral support, communities can contribute to easing the financial burden and providing a sense of hope and encouragement to those undergoing cancer treatments.


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