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Nonini slams UK-based Kenyan promoter's comments on Khaligraph over missed interview

Khaligraph Jones is currently on a tour in the UK and was allegedly invited for an interview with the BBC, to which he didn't respond.

Nonini and Khaligraph Jones

Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones' recent trip to the United Kingdom has ignited a passionate debate among Kenyan celebrities and fans.

The controversy erupted when former entertainment writer and promoter, John Muchiri, criticised Khaligraph for allegedly declining an invitation to be interviewed on one of the biggest radio shows in England.

According to Muchiri, the renowned DJ Edu from BBC 1xtra had extended an invitation to Khaligraph, hoping to host him on his popular show.

However, Khaligraph had reportedly not responded to the offer, leaving the opportunity untapped.


Muchiri expressed his disappointment, asserting that Khaligraph's inaction illustrated why some African artists struggle to break through on the international stage.

"His management probably knew about all these things but did nothing. All they are doing now is taking pictures in London. Which is okay. And then go back to perform in Mwea and Kericho?" Muchiri lamented.

However, the criticism drew the attention of Genge legend Nonini, who came to Khaligraph's defence.


Nonini countered Muchiri's remarks, suggesting that his criticism seemed rooted in bitterness and that Khaligraph was fully aware of his choices.

Nonini also took a swipe at stylist and promoter Fundi Frank, who had aligned himself with Muchiri's stance.

Nonini urged individuals like Fundi Frank to use their platforms to uplift Kenyan talent rather than criticise it.


He supported Khaligraph's decision to prioritise his career over interviews, emphasising that shows in places like Kericho are also significant.

"Instead of using their platforms to elevate Kenyans, they use it to hate and always praise other countries. Brian Ouko Omollo (Khaligraph), wewe fanya vile unataka sio lazima ufanye interview zao my ni**ar. Oh and show za Kericho do pay as well," Nonini retorted.

In response, Fundi Frank clarified that he had no issues with Khaligraph or any other Kenyan artist.

Frank acknowledged Khaligraph's success and influence, emphasising that Khaligraph was already well-respected and did not require external assistance.


The fans also joined the conversation, with some supporting Nonini's stance and others believing that Khaligraph should have seized the opportunity to do the interview.


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