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He's kind, he can't harm anyone - Amina Abdi backs Joe Mfalme amid legal troubles

He's the kindest & the most hardworking person - Amina Abdi backs DJ Joe Mfalme amid legal troubles

Amina Abdi Rabar & DJ Joe Mfalme ( Facebook)

Media personality Amina Abdi has come forward to express her support for her former colleague, DJ Joe Mfalme, following his arrest in connection with the tragic death of a DCI officer due to assault.

In a TikTok video, Amina lauded Joe's character, describing him as diligent and compassionate, and attested to his incapacity to harm anyone.

She affirmed his innocence and extended prayers and solidarity during this challenging period.

"Joe Mfalme is innocent. | said what said. He is the kindest most hardworking person! know. He can’t harm anyone. No matter how they try to flip it in the media, people who know you, know YOU COULD NEVER do this. God will get you through. This too shall pass my brother. | know you aren't the one who did this. Let's prove your innocence," she wrote.


DJ Joe Mfalme found himself in legal trouble on March 24, after being implicated in an incident involving assault that resulted in the death of a senior officer in Kikuyu.

Reports indicate that as DJ Joe Mfalme was leaving a club around 4:20 am, a confrontation occurred between his team and the DCI officer.

Allegedly, the officer scratched the DJ's car, sparking a heated altercation.


Subsequently, DJ Joe Mfalme's team reportedly pulled the officer from his vehicle and subjected him to a barrage of kicks and blows before departing the scene.

The injured officer, identified as Kitosi, was taken to Kikuyu Police station, where reports suggest he faced further assault, exacerbating his condition.

Kitosi's deteriorating health prompted his transfer to Lang’ata Hospital and later to Nairobi West Hospital, where he tragically passed away on Thursday.


Despite the gravity of the accusations against DJ Joe Mfalme, Amina Abdi remains resolute in her support, echoing sentiments from others who vouch for his character and integrity.

She joins a chorus of voices advocating for a fair investigation into the incident, emphasising Joe's innocence and urging for justice to prevail.


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