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3 things to keep in mind when meeting Anerlisa Muigai

Meeting Anerlisa Muigai? Here are three things you should keep in mind

Anerlisa Muigai

Kenyan businesswoman and Nero Company CEO, Anerlisa Muigai, has expressed disappointment in how some of her fans approached her. She has explained three things that fans should do when meeting her.

The famous public figure took to her Instagram stories on Wednesday night to share her experiences and highlight the importance of respecting personal space.

"Honestly, I need to say this from my heart. When you meet public figures, could you please let them be and respect their spaces.


"Recently, I have experienced behaviours I haven't appreciated," Anerlisa said.

Anerlisa expressed her displeasure with people who follow themselves back on Instagram without her permission.

According to her, this behaviour is disrespectful and does not imply a personal relationship. She urged her followers to respect public figures' spaces and not approach them in a manner that could be perceived as intrusive.


"I don't get why when people show me their Instagram pages through my page, choose to follow themselves back without even asking me if it's okay. (Disrespectful)," She wrote.

Anerlisa also discouraged people from asking for personal numbers when they met in person.


She shared an incident where a lady she met insisted on obtaining her number instead of her office number.

"It's polite to stop asking for personal numbers just because we have bumped into each other.

"The other day, I gave my number to some lady who really insisted on the personal one and rejected the office one. Now, my WhatsApp is full of CVs," she stated.

Moreover, she emphasized that her Instagram page was her personal space and should be respected.


She stated that she should not be expected to say or promote a brand on her page just because she paid for something.

"Stop asking for tags. My page is my personal space. I would go somewhere or buy something, and someone would still insist on tagging or mentions.

"If I pay for something, kindly do not expect a mention. Also, stop using my images to promote anything," she stated.


Anerlisa emphasized that using her images to promote anything without permission is unacceptable.

She had previously requested that people should not use her pictures for promotion, and she found it disrespectful when people ignored her request.


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