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Tanzanian artist denies breaking Arnelisa and Ben Pol's marriage

The artist says he doesn't have the ability to destroy a marriage

Arnelisa Muigai and Ben Pol

Tanzanian artist Wyse has played down rumours that he pioneered the split between Arnelisa Muigai and Tanzanian artist Ben Pol.

Wyse denied all the allegations leveled against him including the rumours that Arnelisa bought him a Subaru Impreza while speaking to Wasafi Media.

"Ben Pol and Arnelisa are close to me. I don't think I had the energy to break their marriage. Those are just rumours," Wyse said.


He added that people are now saying that his new car was bought by Arnelisa yet he purchased it with his own money.

"I bought this car and all of a sudden people are saying that it's Arnelisa who purchased it. I bought this car by myself with my own money. I went to the showroom in Victoria. As you can see it's still new.

"The card is there and I can also show you my source of income if you want to confirm. I have performed in Kenya and Dubai, thanks to God, I made some cash," Wyse added.

He continued that people have associated his visits to Kenya with other things yet he has various businesses in the country.


Wyse was forced to clarify rumours that the car was bought to hurt Ben Pol since the two allegedly fell out after Ben Pol and Arnelisa divorced.

"To be honest I bought this car with my own money. I don't think someone can do things to hurt another person. I'm not Arnelisa's boyfriend. I think Ben will be happy and I respect him because he took me from Kigoma to Dar es Salaam after which we stayed together and he taught me things to do with music.

"He is among those people who helped me to grow musically. I thank God and I don't think Ben Pol will be hurt because of my car. I think he will be happy," Wyse explained.


Wyse has revealed that there was a time when he was told that he was doing well musically in Kenya as compared to his home country Tanzania and he came to realise it's true when he started receiving phone calls from Kenya for shows.

He added that his shows in Kenya are always packed to the brim and he has attributed all these to God.

He also revealed that he has worked on many projects in Tanzania which includes writing songs for top artists.


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