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Prince Indah addresses alleged fallout with Bahati, unveils Sh3M project

Ohangla star Prince Indah addresses alleged fallout with Bahati & teases his upcoming Sh3M project

Award-winning Ohangla singer Prince Indah 'Doyen'

Renowned Ohangla artist Prince Indah is gearing up to enthrall his fans with a fresh and exciting project, promising a season filled with musical delights.

Known for his collaborations with various artists nationwide, Indah revealed that 2024 will be a scorching hot season for his fans. With anticipation building, he assures his audience of a series of captivating releases.

In a conversation with a local media outlet on February 29, the Ohangla sensation disclosed the substantial investment poured into his upcoming song.


Directed by the acclaimed Daudi Anguka, the production of the new track 'Nyar Jaduong', reportedly cost Prince Indah approximately Sh3 million.

The 'Mama Watoto' hitmaker elaborated on the expenses involved, emphasising that the significant investment covered various aspects of production, including wardrobe, featured actors, and the director himself.

The upcoming project stands as Prince Indah's most expensive endeavor to date, following the success of his 5th studio album, 'Puonj Mag Dak' (Teachings of Life), released nine months ago.


Reflecting on his music's enduring appeal, Prince Indah asserted that his compositions possess a timeless quality, resonating with audiences across generations.

He emphasised that while he continues to release new material, his previous works retain their relevance and connection with listeners.

Addressing speculation surrounding a rumored fallout with singer Bahati, Prince Indah clarified that he is unaware of any discord between them.


Despite collaborating on two hit songs, 'Adhiambo' (26 million views) and 'Abebo' (10 million views), fans speculated after Bahati's absence from Prince Indah's album.

The father of one refuted claims of tension, stating that his previous album was dedicated solely to Ohangla music and did not accommodate collaborations with Bahati.

However, he expressed openness to future collaborations, suggesting the possibility of joint projects in an EP format.


Asserting his amicable relations with various artists, Indah emphasised his willingness to collaborate across genres and optimism about fostering meaningful partnerships within the music industry while staying true to his Ohangla roots.


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