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Reverend Githu defends why he sent his mum water during Facebook live show

Githu has issued an apology to anyone who was offended by his video

Reverend Victor Githu

Reverend Victor Githu has addressed the criticism he received from netizens regarding a recent video where he sent his mother for water during a live session.

The incident sparked a wave of disapproval from many who deemed it morally inappropriate.

Responding to the backlash, Reverend Githu, who is currently based in the United States, clarified that the situation was taken out of context and that people did not fully understand the circumstances he was facing.


He explained that he had a broken arm and was experiencing a scratchy throat during the live session on TikTok, which compelled him to ask his mother for assistance.

"Before you judge, look at the other context, content, and concept, and instead of judging based on one video, watch all the other videos. I just broke my hand, I had a scratchy throat, and I couldn't leave until I was done with the live," Githu said.

Githu further said his mother had no problem offering him assistance given he could not leave the live.

"So, I thought the best thing to do is to ask my mom kindly to get me water, which she doesn't have a problem with if I'm not feeling well and if I can't leave the live video or the situation to get it for myself. It's best if we stop judging," he explained.


While acknowledging the criticism, Reverend Githu regarded it as a learning experience for him.

He expressed his apologies to anyone who was offended by the incident and assured them that he would address the issue and improve upon it.

He emphasized that life is all about learning and that he had gained valuable insights from the situation.


"Everyone who was offended by the incident, some of us never really understood what was happening, but I'm very sorry. Where there's a problem, we will fix it and make it better because life is all about learning.

"I have definitely learned something new, and thank you for all your patience and criticisms," Reverend Githu concluded.

Githu has further promised a reality show that he is working on.


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