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SDA music DJ Kezz returns to build Sh10M church, years after she was ex-communicated

DJ Kezz shares the story of her life, including a traumatic encounter with her boyfriend and an unexpected pregnancy that led to her ex-communication from the church.

Kenyan Gospel singer & SDA music DJ Kezz

how she was excommunicated from the church at the tender age of 17, and why she later returned to rebuild the same church.

Keziah Jerono, popularly known as DJ Kezz among her fans, is a gospel musician and SDA music DJ whose life story is an inspiring tale of resilience, faith, and determination.

In an interview with SPM Buzz on October 24, DJ Kezz courageously shared her painful experiences during her teenage years, which included a traumatic assault by her boyfriend and an unexpected pregnancy that led to her ex-communication from the church.


DJ Kezz's life took a distressing turn when, at the tender age of 17, she experienced a traumatic incident.

"I got assaulted and got pregnant at 17 years. The person responsible for this was my boyfriend. He drugged me, and I woke up the next morning with no recollection of what happened. A month later, I discovered I was pregnant," she revealed.

The shock and emotional turmoil of this discovery led her to reach out to her boyfriend, seeking support and understanding.


"I told him about the pregnancy, and he said, 'I don't want anything to do with it.' At that moment, I realised I was on my own. My mother was the oz zne person who stood by me through it all," she said.

As a young girl who had grown up in the church, DJ Kezz was acutely aware of the moral expectations and values instilled in her.

"I had my baby at 18 years old, and I was scared. The church had always taught that one should not get pregnant outside of marriage, and it was something I knew. I kept my pregnancy hidden, not sharing it with anyone," she said.


When the church leadership eventually learned about her pregnancy when she was five months along, they made a drastic decision.

"I was ex-communicated. I was not allowed to enter the church," she said.

The church's approach to her situation was profoundly distressing, leaving her feeling isolated and unheard.

"Being the girl who had grown up there, seeing the drastic way they handled this was terrible. Nobody thought to say, 'Hey, maybe we should understand what happened before we decide to ex-communicate her.' The place I once considered a refuge had, in a blink, cast me out," she said.


Mentally, DJ Kezz faced enormous challenges. She was essentially a child herself, now having a child of her own.

The judgment and social isolation made her journey all the more challenging. "My friends were told not to associate themselves with me, compounding the loneliness and social exile," she said.

In 2020, DJ Kezz embarked on a transformative journey to reconnect with her faith. An opportunity emerged for her to use her extraordinary talent as a DJ to share the message of God with the world.


People began sending in tips, and because she was getting some good money, DJ Kezz returned to her original calling.

She played an instrumental role in the construction of a church worth Sh10 million, the very church that had once ex-communicated her.

In 2022, DJ Kezz signed with Guardian Angel's record label, 7 Heavens Music. This collaboration has borne fruit, resulting in the release of two successful collaborations. DJ Kezz's talent and passion have made her a rising star in the gospel music scene.


Her latest single, 'Tenda', is a testament to her commitment to using her music to spread the message of faith and hope.


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