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Sonko unveils new exotic SUV and advertising deal [Video]

"Waliodhani nita-lie low kama Babayao nyinyi ndio muta-lie low" - Sonko.

Governor Mike Sonko unveiled his new monster truck, a RAM 1500 Rebel trim

In a post on his social media handles, former Governor Mike Sonko unveiled his new monster truck, a RAM 1500 Rebel trim adding that he had landed an advertisement deal with an international energy drink.

He also shared photos and videos of him driving to his flashed out private office.

The truck is easy to spot due to its dominant road presence and features a vented, power-domed hood and blackened fender flares.


Apart from blogging I'm also doing part-time marketing for Redbull na maisha inaendelea, wale waliodhani nitalie low kama Babayao nyinyi ndio mutalie low,” Sonko captioned on social media.

Some of the impressive features the car has are its V8 engine, 8-speed automatic shift, cruise control and air suspension.

While the imposing Rebel certainly strikes an attractive stance, be warned that some of its “off road” features take a bit of a toll on its practicality for street use.

Sonko’s long night of posting ended in a post where he claimed that he had been suffering from insomnia.


My people insomnia is real and this morning as I struggle kutafuta usingizi, I think I have learnt something very important that I would like to share with you all. If you want to go far in life. Train your heart to accept disappointment even if it comes from those you rightly trusted so much.

No matter how much you regret it or worry about what happened the past is over. You can't change a thing. But you can come to terms with the fact that everything happens for a reason. Live in the present where the Almighty has given you the options to restore calm to your heart,” he shared.

Sonko's list of cars.


2020 Cadillac Escalade

Lexus LX570 2018 Model

Nissan Patrol 2018

Customized Toyota Land Cruiser V8


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