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Oga Obinna & Manzi Wa Kibera clash over remarks about Dem Wa Facebook

In response to Manzi Wa Kibera's continued unpleasant remarks, Oga Obinna called her 'delusional,' leading to her abrupt departure from the interview.

Oga Obinna

Content creator Oga Obinna found himself in a heated exchange with Manzi Wa Kibera during a recent interview on his YouTube channel.

The clash ensued when Manzi Wa Kibera made remarks about Dem Wa Facebook, a co-host on Obinna's show, referring to her as a socialite.

Manzi Wa Kibera's comment sparked tension as Obinna promptly corrected her, emphasizing that Dem Wa Facebook is a content creator and comedian, not a socialite as suggested.


"She is not a socialite. Correct yourself. She is a comedian; she is not a socialite," he said.

This correction set the stage for a confrontation between the two personalities.

The tension escalated when Manzi Wa Kibera commented on Dem Wa Facebook's fashion choices, suggesting that she had upgraded her style.


However, she also criticized Dem Wa Facebook's flashy appearance, implying that she should shop at cheaper markets rather than Eastleigh.

"The way she is wearing, she is so flashy. I am like, we have a new kid on the block. Go to Gikomba, Toi, Mtindwa. Obinna should not find you at Eastleigh buying clothes for Sh1000," Manzi wa Kibera said.

Obinna chose to ignore Manzi Wa Kibera's comments about Dem Wa Facebook's fashion, instead shifting the conversation to the next guest. T


His action seemed to irk Manzi Wa Kibera, who interpreted it as Obinna trying to dismiss her from the interview.

She expressed her frustration, accusing Obinna of attempting to chase her away from the show.

"You are chasing me here? Mi sitoki hapa. Kwanza leta Dem Wa Facebook. I will handle her like this. Mimi ndio ningempnaga hapa," She said.

Obinna clarified that she was welcome to stay but indicated his disinterest in continuing the interview.


This exchange led to further verbal sparring between the two, with Manzi Wa Kibera making derogatory remarks about Dem Wa Facebook.

In response to Manzi Wa Kibera's continued criticism, Obinna called her 'delusional,' leading to her abrupt departure from the interview.

Manzi Wa Kibera expressed her displeasure at being labeled delusional and decided to leave the set.

"You are calling me delusional, Mimi ni delusional? You can finish your show. Hiyo ujinga staki," she said


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