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Hannah Benta confesses initial feelings for Baba T & why she chose to keep distance

TikToker Hannah Benta admits that she initially harbored feelings for Baba Talisha: However, she made the conscious decision to maintain a distance between them, not that he rejected her.

A past photo of TikToker Hannah Benta and Baba Talisha ( Instagram )

In February 2024, Kenyan TikTok sensation Hannah Benta made waves online when she took a bold step during a live session to express her feelings for single dad Faustine, also known as Baba Talisha.

"Hii mwaka ni kujituma girls,girls ukiambia mtu unampenda utakufa as a woman? Mimi nimekufa? Sahii nimekufa? Call it simping I don't care. If someone looks good, they look good. And I didn't die. Pia nyinyi msimp so that you can see if you'll be given a chance," Hannah said.

Despite not receiving a clear response from Faustine, Hannah encouraged other girls to pursue what they desired, emphasizing the importance of taking initiative.


Months later, rumours circulated that Faustine rejected Hannah's advances and accused her of forcing herself on him.

However, during an interview with Obinna on April 1, Hannah refuted these claims, stating that Faustine never explicitly rejected her and that her initial approach was meant as a joke.

Kwani hamjui jokes? if you didn't take it as a joke then that's upon you, not me. Alisema amenikataa?


Hannah clarified the nature of her relationship with Faustine, dismissing rumours of a friends-with-benefits arrangement.

She emphasised that they were simply good friends who supported each other, especially during challenging times.

"We are not friends with benefits. Kila mtu ako na mtu wake. I have a man. I feel offended when you bring up Baba Talisha and me stories. Sometimes he has a weak heart and sometimes as a friend, you need to comfort him. Sometimes anaeza mabiwa kitu na unaeza akilia," she said.

Despite facing criticism and trolling from the public, Hannah maintained her stance and expressed frustration at the persistent speculation about their relationship.


"Imekuwa very hard for me to convince people that we are not dating. Kila time tukiwa na yeye watu wanai troll, I'd rather keep my distance because it's affecting me. Wakimuona akiwa na stress they tell me to check on him. But when I do that they say najipendekeza kwake.

"Am not that desperate. They say am forcing myself on him but as a man if I was forcing si angekuwa amesema. Angekuwa ashani cut off kitambo," she said.

Additionally, Hannah addressed rumors suggesting she was dating a sponsor who funded her lifestyle.


She dismissed these claims, asserting that her presence on TikTok was not influenced by financial motives and that she was open to opportunities like anyone else.

She highlighted the prevalence of such assumptions in the online sphere and emphasized the importance of not succumbing to societal pressures.


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