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TikTalk: Klaus & Kayet play 'kill, smash, & marry', their selection delights fans

See who TikTokers Klaus & Kayet would Kiss, smash, or marry, given a chance.

From left: Kayet Orwa & Colloblue, Klaus & Miss Njagi, Klaus & Nasieku

TikTok enthusiasts in Kenya have undoubtedly been mesmerized by the dynamic dancing crew known as Thee Alfa House, capturing the hearts of their fans with their sizzling dance moves and engaging content.

Consisting of five already popular faces - Klaus, Nasieku, Nkatha, Tonioh, and Kayet Orwa - Thee Alfa House has become a household name with millions of followers on TikTok and a growing presence on other social media platforms.

Apart from their accounts, the crew collaborates on Thee Alfa House, where they share group content aimed at engaging their audience.


Beyond dance moves, they open up about personal life stories and other aspects of their lives.

One of the shows featured on Thee Alfa House channel is 'TikTalk', a conversational show hosted by Klaus.

In each episode, Klaus invites guests, primarily TikTokers, including members of the house, to answer questions about their work and life.


In the latest episode released on February 23, Klaus hosted Catherine Achieng Orwa, also known as Kayet Orwa.

The two engaged in a game called 'kill, smash, and marry,' where they chose what to do with each of some three proposed content creators they had closely worked with.

Given the choice between TikTokers Nasieku, Miss Njagi, and Clara, Klaus made his picks. The chemistry between him and Nasieku was evident as he decided to 'kill' Miss Njagi, smash another Clara, and marry Nasieku.


Kayet Orwa, Klaus's co-host, also made her choices. She opted to kill Prince Newton, kiss Dave, and marry Collins, also known as Colloblue.

The chemistry between Kayet and Colloblue is undeniable, as she expressed her preference for working with him over another creator, Bluc Moji.

The undeniable chemistry between the members of The Alpha House adds to their appeal and engagement with their audience.



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