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Trevor Ombija admits fiancée confronted him for sharing son's image online

Trevor says he will not add another kid

Trevor Ombija

Citizen TV presenter Trevor Ombija openly acknowledged during an interview with Ankali Ray that his fiancée highly values her privacy, which is why he refrains from sharing her pictures on social media.

He clarified that she is not a public figure, contrary to Ankali's assumption, and emphasized that she simply does not wish to be featured in his posts.

Trevor went on to reveal that his fiancée even confronted him when he shared an image of their son's hand on Father's Day, expressing her concerns about maintaining their privacy.


"I think Trevor Jr. was trying to tell me something on Father's Day but I don't speak 'baby' too well, so he resorted to hand signals. There's no kind of love like a parent's love, this I can say without fear of contradiction," Trevor captioned the image.

The Citizen TV presenter firmly confirmed that he does not plan to have any more children, as he already has what he desires.

During the interview, Trevor also revealed that his son is named after him, emphasizing his commitment to being present in his child's life as he grows through all stages.

He further acknowledged that parenting can be daunting, especially for first-time parents, as there is a sense of uncertainty about what needs to be taught to their children.


During the interview, Ankali expressed to Trevor that some women felt hurt when they learned that he had moved on and had a child.

Trevor appeared surprised by this revelation and questioned what these women truly wanted.

He went on to explain that being a public figure on television often leads people to believe that they can freely comment and make recommendations about his personal life.


Trevor further shared that some individuals claimed he was single, but then saw him with a baby, leaving him curious about how long he should remain single in their eyes.

"I said I was single two years ago and those who are complaining never sent any CV. For how long did they want me to be single?" Trevor inquired.

According to Trevor, he plans to marry his fiancée at a later stage. He added that he is currently off the market.


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