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U.K. lady drops Rue Baby bombshell on MCA Tricky during live video

Rumors swirled in the past, suggesting that MCA Tricky and Rue Baby were in a romantic relationship

Kenyan comedian MCA Tricky

Kenyan comedian MCA Tricky recently ventured across the seas to the United Kingdom for a special performance alongside notable comedians such as Teacher Wanjiku, YY Comedian, and Jemutai.

The show took place on September 2, and from the look of it, Tricky has been having a blast in the UK, as evidenced by his lively social media updates.

His jovial spirit and humorous antics have endeared him even more to his fans. But one particular TikTok live session shared by Eve Mungai on August 4 raised some eyebrows.


In the video, MCA Tricky is seen touring an area in the U.K. alongside a lady companion. However, things took an unexpected turn when Tricky humorously suggested not to come back to Kenya while she takes care of him.

"Baby girl, si uniweke huku tu. Unajua mtoto mrembo kama wewe nikikupenda mimi..." Tricky playfully quips.

Before he could finish his sentence, the lady interjected, claiming that Tricky was already married to his Kenyan wife, Rue Baby.


"No, you are married. You know the skinny girl, what's her name? She's beautiful. Your wife, your Kenyan wife," she said.

Tricky, who appeared surprised, quickly clarified that Rue Baby was just a friend and that she is already married to someone else.

"Yaani Rue Baby hivi ndio unaniharibia soko? Wait a minute. Rue Baby sio dem yangu. She is just my friend. Rue Baby is married," Tricky said.

The lady proceeded to compliment the pair, noting that they look good together.


As the TikTok live session came to an end, Tricky turned to his followers for advice, pondering whether he should persist in his pursuit of the lady or simply let it be.

"Lakini wadau hapa mnaonaje, hapa nitie bidii ama niache?" he asked.

Tricky and Rue Baby have been rumoured of being romantically involved in the past, a claim that they both denied.


In a previous interview in 2020, Rue Baby emphasised that they are nothing more than good friends who collaborate on comedy skits.

She highlighted that Tricky has never officially acknowledged them as a couple, and there has been no formal announcement regarding their romantic involvement.


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