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MCA Tricky gives cheeky response after last-minute invite to perform in U.K.

Tricky elaborates on the reason behind his inclusion in the roster of Kenyan comedians set to perform in the U.K. on September 2.

MCA Tricky

MCA Tricky will be joining fellow Kenyan comedians in a performance in the U.K., having been included in the lineup for the event scheduled on September 2.

Before his departure, Tricky engaged in an interview with journalists at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. During the interview, he shed light on some of the plans he had in store for his time abroad.

However, Tricky found himself cornered when faced with a question regarding his relatively recent addition to the event's roster. The inquiry aimed at clarifying whether he was indeed scheduled to participate.


In response, Tricky playfully and confidently stated that there was no conceivable scenario in which the event could proceed without his name on the list.

"Mimi unajua vitu zingine haziwezi fanyika kama mimi siko. Sasa aje? Kenyan comedy bila MCA Tricky sasa aje?

"[You know somethings can't take place without me. How now? Kenyan comedy without MCA Tricky, how?]," Tricky inquired.

He then elaborated that his inclusion was a result of overwhelming public demand. He further quipped that it was also a strategic maneuver, designed to enhance the show's appeal and boost ticket sales.


Prior to Tricky's inclusion in the list of performing comedians for the upcoming event, Comedian YY, Professor Hamo, Jemutai, and Teacher Wanjiku comprised the sole lineup.

Rapper Khaligraph Jones is set to perform at the event's afterparty in London.

Despite the eleventh-hour invitation and subsequent addition, Tricky affirmed his readiness for the show, highlighting that this won't be his inaugural performance in the U.K.


He went on to share that he possesses insights into what to expect, given his familiarity with the audience dynamics there.

Characterising his approach, Tricky proudly asserted that he never recycles his material. He humorously posed the question of how anyone could possibly reiterate the same joke on stage.

He also took a moment to address speculations about his romantic involvement with someone of foreign nationality, affirming that he is determined to accomplish his mission this time around.


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