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U.K. promoter exposes Zari after failed Birmingham Show

U.K. promoter alleges that Zari loves being pampered.

Zari Hassan

Businesswoman Zari Hassan has found herself in the midst of controversy after a U.K. promoter came forward to reveal details of their arrangement, following Zari's accusations regarding a failed show in Birmingham.

The promoter, Lady Naa has taken a stance to clarify the situation, asserting that there was an agreement between her and Zari.

According to their arrangement, the promoter would obtain a visa for Zari's husband, Shakib Cham, and cover the expenses using a portion of Zari's payment.


The promoter further claimed that the delayed start of the show was due to Zari's fondness for being pampered.

"I was introduced to her by Diamond. I treated her as a family, I stood up for her, I thought everything we do was a family thing," Lady Naa said.

Naa said that she set up the show after Zari approached her considering that she had been banned in U.K. in 2018.

"Zari had been banned in 2018, at the time, it was a visit and not a work permit and she had come for a club party, she was put on detection for five hour, she was allowed to be in London for three days but was not banned," Naa said.


Naa concluded that they had entered into a business arrangement for the recent U.K. show, and as part of it, she facilitated Zari's visa.

She also mentioned that she had requested Zari to arrange a visa for Shakib and deduct the expenses from their payments for the white party.

However, Naa clarified that she cannot cover the costs for Shakib as she doesn't see him as a star and holds no significance to him in any way.


Zari took to Instagram to update her fans, apologizing for her absence at the show and stating that the promoter had not fulfilled some of their obligations.

She expressed her disappointment with the situation, mentioning that she was waiting in her hotel room but unfortunately, the promised arrangements were not honored.


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