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Watch: Eve Mungai's dream home for parents gradually coming to reality

Eve expressed her optimism that the completed house would be nothing short of spectacular.

Eve Mungai and her mother

Content creator Eve Mungai is currently experiencing the joy of witnessing her long-cherished dream for her parents' home come to fruition.

In a recent Instagram post, she delightedly shared the progress of the house construction, expressing her satisfaction with the strides made so far.

The video showcased a bungalow in the making, though specific details about the number of rooms were not explicitly provided.

Construction workers were diligently engaged in elevating the structure, giving shape to the envisioned dwelling.


"Pinch me, because I can't believe this is actually happening! What once started as a distant dream is now becoming a tangible reality.

With evident enthusiasm, Eve expressed her optimism that the completed house would be nothing short of spectacular.

"We're pouring our hearts and souls into building something truly special for our amazing parents. With uncontainable excitement and unwavering trust in God's plan, we know the ending will be nothing short of breathtaking," she articulated, capturing the profound emotional significance of the project.

Fellow content creators and fans took to the comment section to extend their heartfelt congratulations to Eve, commending her for the commendable endeavour and expressing their pride in her accomplishment.


Here are some of the reactions :

kate_actress 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Small girl , Big Dreams

_._kahzla_sg Go go girl🔥🙌❤️... Happy with you and your ambitions Eve😍😮.... God grant you serenity

kikuyu_og._ Mungu akisemaa Ndioo Nani atapingaaaa😍😍😍❤️Wins

murhon_ Congratulations👏..i pray one day i’ll also do this for my parents


fredd_lamar God bless your soul , always take care of your parents

danmugee Your success story draws alot of inspiration to many, Keep on keeping on! Sky is the Limit!


While many were happy that Eve was building her parents there was some curiosity as to when Director Trevor's parents will also have their house put up.

Trevor quickly responded revealing plans were in place to put up the house beginning in January 2024.

Eve Mungai is building her parent's house after she acquired a 2-bedroom apartment in Kileleshwa in 2021 with her boyfriend Director Trevor. In 2022, the couple acquired their first ride.

The house also features a balcony overlooking Westlands, an alternative source of power for when Kenya Power experiences an outage and a common swimming pool.


The apartment has an intercom door system which allows Eve to speak to a visitor at the gate before security lets them in. The lifts can also be operated from inside the house for whenever Eve is expecting a guest.

The content creator who lives with her boyfriend explained that their schedules in Nairobi necessitated that they move closer to the city.

Eve Mungai's channel boasts of over 744K subscribers and already crossed the 100 million views mark.


Her channel focuses on entertainment as well as projecting unscripted real-life experiences of youths from informal settlements.


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