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I'm proud of my police station - Nicholas Kioko to fans criticising his 'mansion'

YouTuber Nicholas Kioko responds to critics comparing his 2-bedroom village house to a police station.

YouTuber Nicholas Kioko responds to critics comparing his village house to a police station

In a video shared on their YouTube channel in March 2024, content creator Nicholas Kioko and his wife Wambo Ashley provided viewers with a glimpse into their household compound.

Their cozy abode boasts two bedrooms—a master bedroom and a separate one for their twins, whom Ashley and Kioko welcomed in 2023.

Situated in Kioko's rural village, the house features vibrant colors such as orange, black, and white, reminiscent of police station hues according to a section of their fans.


Addressing online trolls who criticized their home, content creator Nicholas Kioko remained unfazed.

In an interview with Kenya Online Media on April 4, the father of two confidently defended their residence, emphasising that external opinions do not sway him.

Dismissing negative comments, Kioko remarked, " It did not affect me. Hao watu wanaongea vibaya si waende wajenge zao. I do not have time for them. Ni watu wako hurt na maisha na wanajiforce kukupenda. Wengine wametumwa competitors to come and comment vibaya on my video."


Despite facing criticism, Kioko expressed pride in their residence, a cultural symbol among the Wakamba community.

He highlighted the tradition of bringing one's coffin into the house before burial, emphasizing the importance of homeownership in his culture.

"I am proud of the police station. Sisi akam Wakamba kama mwananume unafaa kujenga nyumba. When you die your coffin is taken inside your house first before you are buried. So the first thing you have to do is build a house at home," he said.

While acknowledging his wife's sensitivity to negative feedback, Kioko reassured her that online comments are insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

"For my wife huwa inamuaffect sana. She feels bad but mwisho wa siku mi humwambia hizo ni vitu za mtandao. Kwanza hao watu hutusiana ndio mafans mbaya sana ukikutana nao," he said.


Kioko revealed plans for an upcoming Kamba Festival, an event he is organizing with his friend Ricky B.

Inspired by a lack of events showcasing Ukambani artists, the festival aims to unite local talents for a day of celebration on May 4, 2024.

Attendees can expect a vibrant gathering filled with music, dance, and camaraderie as the community comes together to support its artists and foster unity.


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