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6 celebrities Diamond Platnumz has dated (Photos)

One of them is his cousin!

But in East Africa, there is someone who has actually outdone him when it comes to dating celebrities and that is Diamond Platnumz.

Over the years Diamond has been involved with a number of celebrity women and here is the full list:



Hawa collaborated with Diamond in the hit song Nitarejea and apparently, that is not the only thing they collaborated in as the two dated for a while and the relationship resulted in a son.

But apparently Diamond has not been to keen on establishing a relationship with his son.“I have tried to reach out to him but all has been in vain, he knows that I have his baby but he has never been here to see him,” said Hawa to Bongo Stars.

However, Diamond’s mum has been very supportive and even went to see her grandchild and brought gifts when she went to meet the kid for the first time.

2.Wema Sepetu

Wema Sepetu and Diamond Platnumz had an on-off-on-off again relationship for four years before they broke up and he resurfaced with Zari. Their relationship was dogged with cheating scandals with Jokate Mwegelo being one of the women Diamond cheated with.


Their relationship did not please Wema’s mum at all as she felt that it was detrimental to her daughter's well-being and she openly expressed that she didn’t like Diamond and even called him up to tell him that she didn’t want anything to do with him!

3.Jokate Mwegelo

Jokate had an affair with Diamond during his relationship with Wema Sepetu after he cast her as a video vixen. After the cheating scandal, he got serious with Wema and when he went for an interview with his ex Jokate, many were worried that he would cheat on Wema once again with Jokate.

Jokate is now said to be secretly dating Diamond Platnumz’ fierce rival, Ali Kiba.


4.Penniel Mungilwa aka Penny

Diamond dated VJ Penny who was Wema Sepetu’s friend till 2013 when they discovered that they were cousins.

After dating for a while a relative revealed to the two that they were related so dating was not possible as Diamond’s grandmother and Penny’s grandmother were sisters! *Gasp*

It is said after his break up with Penny he went back to Wema.


5. Najma Dattan ‘Naj’

This Arabian beauty is said to have also dated Diamond Platnumz although it’s not widely known.

Naj has also dated Herry Samir ‘Mr. Blue’ and after dating the two, she swore to never date a Bongo musician because they are not faithful. Diamond’s relationship is even mentioned by Ney wa Mitego in their 2013 hit ‘Muziki Gani’ where Nay raps “Mbona unawachezea unawatema kama Big G? Mara Wema, mara Jokate, mara Naj, mara Penny, je mnafanya mziki mpate mabinti?"

6. Zari Hassan

Among all the women he has dated Diamond revealed that it was only Zari who willing to bear a child for him, together they have two kids Nillan and Tiffah. However, it hasn’t been a happy ending for Diamond and Zari as the two have suffered infidelity accusations with Zari accusing Diamond of cheating and vice versa.


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