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Stop being rude! Fans criticise Chipukeezy after hostile interview with controversial rapper

Was he too hostile?

Trap is a controversial artiste who is known for songs such a ‘Bring Em Out’, ‘Looking For Someday’, he also stars in Nairobi Dairies and was recently on a viral date on Ebru TV’s ‘Perfect Match’.

Since he is a hot topic right now, Chipukeezy invited him for an interview on his Ebru TV show. Unfortunately, the future NACADA board member left a lot to be desired in the way he conducted the interview.


Fans accused him of being rude to his guest, self-satisfied and combative in the way he asked Trap King the questions. Yaani ilikuwa kama vita.

“Did you just wink at me? Don’t do that I am straight! Very straight.” Chipukeezy tells his guest at one point in the show whole in another instance he accuses his guest of bringing mud into the studio.

“Huyu mtu wa London ako na viatu ziko na matope sijui ni nini inanaedelea” He says as the camera zooms in on Trap’s dusty shoes.

Here are some reactions to the interview:


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