Former Classic 105  presenter Ciku Muiruri “spends” Abisai’s Sh221M

"But the thing is 221 million sounds like a lot of money but it really isn't.”

Former Classic 105 presenter Ciku Muiruri

Former Classic 105 radio host Ciku Muiruri of the famous “Busted” segment has spent the Sh221M won by the SportPesa megaJackPot winner Samuel Abisai.

The former queen of radio has offered to give a detailed financial advice to the Abisai hence spending his millions in a smooth manner that will never see him run broke.

Ciku who seems to have been watching the moves of the new Millionaire in town as gone an extra mile to outline how Abisai can blow the Sh221M for the rest of his life without running low pocket wise.

Through her social media page, Ciku said the youthful millionaire, Samuel Abisai, would: in no time be poor if he fails to take good financial advice, and investment.

The beautiful lass went ahead to reveal that Sh221M is not a lot of money as many people thing.

“This guy won this money on his second try (hardly a serial gambler), just one lucky bugger. But the thing is 221 million sounds like a lot of money but it really isn't.” posted Ciku.

According to Ciku, Abisai should evaluate more his idea of putting up an academy in Kakamega as the whole affair is not run by passions but lots of expenditures.

“That’s nice and noble but what does he know about running an academy? People sometimes make the mistake of thinking their passion for something is sufficient to maintain a viable operation.” Part of Ciku advice to Abisai

She went ahead to say that probably the young man should consider moving out of his current location to somewhere in Lavington either. As always the bigger the salary the bigger the expenditure.

“Probably buy a house. Where? Lavington? A nice townhouse will set him back Sh 45 million. Perhaps he may go to Buru Buru. Double the salary, double the spending. He will want the leafy suburbs. So 45 million gone, we are down to 109,000” said Ciku.

The super Mama went ahead to caution Abisai “ Don’t buy a house in Lavington. If you want to live there, rent a place. Instead, use that 45 million to build flats in Komarock and collect rent. Hell, you can buy the building you were living in”.

Let me break down this money for you.

Then you have to furnish this beautiful townhouse. Off to Odds and Ends/Furniture Palace or anywhere you’ve seen billboards all your life and you’re excited you can finally walk in there and buy the store.

Drop 3m million on the modest side. Now you need a car. Pick up a Range Rover for 22 m Why bother with second hand? The comprehensive insurance on this annually will set him back Sh 1m.

Visit Little Red and buy yourself some tailored suits, shoes and silk ties. Another Sh1m Then your relatives and friends check in for their pound of flesh. Buy mom and dad a house and a farm Another 20 million gone. Give siblings and extended family 10 million.

They’ll keep coming back by the way.

And we haven’t done costs for the academy yet. We haven’t taken into account the booze, the travel (probably to watch soccer matches live in Europe) and mad spending one will do when hit by a windfall.

Food for thought – People win this kind of money in US dollars all the time in lotteries and still manage to blow it all. In USD equals what this guy won multiplied by 100 And they blow it in just a few years.

My point? Relax, my friend. Once you realize it’s not that much cash, you won’t go crazy. If you want to build a sports facility, make it a business and give scholarships to talented, underprivileged kids. But most people who attend should pay for the facilities, it’s just not practical to have it all free.

Ask family and friends for viable business plans that you can invest in. If you give them fishing rods, they won’t keep coming to you for fish. And if they come up with good proposals, your investments in these ventures will also make you cash.

Finally, buy the Range Rover. Buy the clothes. Watch a Champions League and World Cup final live. Why not? Screw it, you won 221M million. You need something to show for it.

Good luck.'' signed off Ciku


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