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7 little-known facts about Janet Mbugua

Did you know these exciting facts about Janet Mbugua?

But since leaving Citizen TV Janet has been very open with fans just like she was before joining KTN and Citizen.

Looking through her old and present interviews we gathered 8 little-known facts about Janet Mbugua:

1. Janet met her husband in high school and at first, she got her husband and his twin Paul mixed up a lot. This is because they looked so alike but fortunately not anymore.


2. She has a thing for art and that is why most of her blog posts have some artsy edge to it. She didn’t get to express it much on TV but she channels it through her posts on her blog ‘The journey with Janet’.

3. Her palpable chemistry with Hussein Mohammed was fashioned by the fact that Hussein is very professional and focused but behind the scenes, he is very entertaining and relaxed. Their on-air friendship has translated off-camera as they even got to attend each other’s weddings.

4. Away from being a news anchor and a blogger, Janet was an actress in a Maisha Magic show called Pendo which she revealed she enjoyed but found acting it too intense. Speaking on Ebru TV, Janet revealed that’s she would probably dip into acting once again since she lives by the motto “Never say Never.”

5. Janet used to be quite the wild child. In a Pulse interview 8 years ago Janet confessed “I am wild, but I don’t advertise it. I mean, I have been clubbing since I was 13. And I was still keeping my grades up, and trying to take school seriously.” But her wild side is long gone and nowadays she likes to keep a low profile and only shows up when it’s necessary and prefers some time away from the limelight to get to know herself as a woman mum and wife.

6.Being on TV came with sacrifices as she had to give up a huge part of herself in order to maintain the pristine image news anchors are supposed to have. Speaking about how her life has changed since she joined TV. “One thing is that I lost my private life. I had all these cool piercing and artistic tattoos all over and that had to go. I was in the public eye and I knew scrutiny would soon follow.” She revealed in the interview.


7. When it comes to her son Huru, she protects him like a lioness and photos that make it to social media have to be intensely scrutinised. "I do not just take pictures and post. The photos are well thought out. One of the rules is that he (Huru) has to be with a loved one, he cannot be alone, he cannot be exposed". She revealed during a K24 Interview.


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