Off TV you are clueless - Anne Kiguta attacked

An infuriated Kiguta responded immediately with...

However things didn’t go as planned and the Queen of Politics was blasted on social media because people felt that she was not objective during the interview and was very biased against NASA. It got worse after people started calling her an academic dwarf among other unpleasant words. And despite the backlash she got on social media, she kept her cool and did not respond to her critics.

But that was not the case today during an Instagram Live video. It’s rare to see news anchors interact with their fans but Anne gave fans a chance today to talk to her on Instagram Live. And things were going well as she talked about politics, lipsticks and Willy Paul’s decision to have one of his songs used as a NASA politician’s anthem.

Things then took a left turn after one fan identified as Evans Shiundu called her clueless when she is not on TV using a teleprompter.

“Lol off teleprompter you are this clueless I give up.” He interjected.

And Anne Kiguta swiftly responded with “Evans Shiundu you can just get off my feed! If you don’t like it follow. Nobody is holding a gun to your head. Sorry guys I have no time for shade or shady people.”


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