Photo of Kanze Dena during her struggling days at KBC

This photo will give you hope...

And for most of us, this popular Kenyan proverb rings 100% true because, in terms of amplifying one’s looks, money plays a huge part.

Kanze Dena recently shared a photo taken during her days at KBC and she has definitely come a long way. Before joining KBC Kanze Dena studied Journalism and Mass Communication at the Foundation College of Professional Studies and joined the government-owned station as an intern. A few months after completing her internship she bagged the job as a radio presenter before getting promoted to a news anchor alongside the legendary Badi Muhsin.

The job came as a lucky break for her when someone failed to show up for work and so she filled in the position and soon enough she was picked to do the job. She was mentored by Badi from 2003 to 2006 and on noticing her talent, Citizen picked her up in March 2007 and she has been working at the station ever since. The difference between Kanze from 14 years ago and Kanze right now is quite inspiring.

It’s always an inspiring thing to see celebrities who have struggled against the odds in search of fame and fortune and made it.


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