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Swaleh Mdoe’s Impostors emerge days after announcing that he’s selling his Kidney

Tafakari ya Babu

In a recent Interview, Mdoe revealed that people had picked his images and created fake Facebook pages with the aim of soliciting money from people.

The media personality is not the first one to face such a situation, just the other day KTN’s Betty Kyallo was forced to report Facebook Impostors under her name to Facebook administration.


On Friday, Mdoe confirmed to that he’s selling one of his Kidney.

Speaking to this Journalist on Friday Morning, Mdoe disclosed that he wanted to settle some pressing financial matters that have pushed him to the corner.

“Ni kweli ninauza figo yangu moja maanake nina shida za pesa ambazo nataka kumalizana nazo. Hata kama unahizo pesa unaweza kunisaidia ili nimalize shida hii zii” said Mdoe on Phone

He added that he had consulted with his doctor concerning the issue and all is well for him to sell one.


“I have some pressing financial issues that I want to offset and all I can think of right now is selling my kidney,” said Swaleh over the Phone.

The celebrated media personality added that he had decided to sell one of his kidneys to avoid burdening people with his financial woes.


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