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The multi-million German Machine Lillian Muli drives (Photos)

A classy car for a classy lady...

Lillian Muli

In early January last year a report by The Kenya Motor Industry Association (KMI) revealed that the Porsche Cayenne was the highest selling high-end car in Kenya in 2015, beating Mercedes Benzes.

Among those rich auto enthusiasts were celebrities who enjoy German cars. Celebrities like Betty Kyallo who owns a Porsche Cayenne and a BMW, Alex Mwakideu and Diamond Platmunz who owns a swanky BMW X6.

So what kind of car does one of the biggest names in the media drive? Well, Lillian Muli aka Mama Josh drives a Mercedes-Benz, a car famed for its engineering excellence and a thirsty engine that guzzles fuel faster than a college student guzzles alcohol on a Friday night.


Apart from engineering excellence, a Mercedes-Benz oozes class and so when you are seen cruising around in one, it signifies that you are a person of status.

Check out Lillian's ride:


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