Why I moved from NTV to Citizen TV- Kimani Mbugua opens up (Exclusive)

Kimani spills the beans

Kimani Mbugua . Why I moved from NTV to Citizen TV- Kimani Mbugua opens up (Exclusive)

Citizen TV presenter Kimani Mbugua was at our offices and we wanted to know what prompted his move from Nation Media owned station NTV to the Royal Media Services.

According to Kimani, the switch was necessitated by the need for career growth, the quest to explore new challenges and of course securing the bag (Money).

Kimani added that before making the move, he had a word with his seniors at NTV who agreed with his decision to exit the station.

Career Growth and Securing the Bag

“Basically I can say growth and I talked to my manager’s back then at NTV, which was a fantastic place to work. However, you know career growth is very important in any field. These things happen and I’m not the first one to switch stations and of course secure the bag my friend,” said Mbugua.

The Broken News host also talked about his experience working for one of the biggest Media houses in the country stating that, “Citizen has been fantastic. I have had a lot of chances to explore new things because when I went , i had literally nothing in mind. You realize other guys came to Citizen when they already knew what they were going to do, as news anchors. I had to find things for myself to do and it put me in that creative space where I was able to come up with different things to do and I’m happy now."

Star-struck/Yvonne Okwara

During our conversation Kimani mentioned that he was star-struck the first day he met Yvonne Okwara in person.

“I was star-struck the first time I met Yvonne Okwara, maybe she doesn’t know this because I wasn’t able to talk to her for a while. I kinder avoided meeting her, I was like that’s Yvonne Okwara. She is actually one of the people I used to look up to while in University, she is very composed and very authoritative with the news. I had never met her before until she came to work at Citizen TV.

He added, "I’m a very privileged person to work with veterans in this industry. These are people who are seasoned and they know the industry inside out and I do talk to them when I have doubts about myself and its always very refreshing working with them.

The Broken News concept

He further revealed to us that the idea of the show he hosts “Broken news” was the concept of Waihiga Mwaura and Jacque Maribe.

Kimani became the first TV presenter at Citizen to do live traffic links and updating Nairobians on the state of the roads.

“Traffic in the morning, this is the weirdest thing I have ever done. My boss talked to me before I started and she was like the morning show requires someone to do traffic. In my mind I was like i don’t have any experience with traffic since in a TV station, when you say traffic there is a whole department, but the producer explained to me the whole idea and I think it’s a unique idea,” he narrates.


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