Churchill show's Nicki Bigfish roughed up by angry guys while pulling a Prank

Pole sana!

Churchill show's Nicki Bigfish roughed up by angry guys while pulling a Prank

Popular comedian Nicki Bigfish was beaten by angry people when he was pulling a prank during his Ebru TV Show dubbed Jibonge.

The comedian took to Instagram to share the news with his fans saying he was beaten after a prank went wrong, and his security team took long to respond. He assured his fans that he would be back to the screens and requested them to remember him in prayers.

“Bad day in office. Got roughed up by some angry guys, my security team did respond though not swiftly as they should. I’ll be back soon. Keep me in prayers 🙏🏽” read his post.

His fellow comedian and actor Dj Shiti took to Instagram to condemn the act, telling people that no matter how stressful they are, they shouldn’t beat a comedian since they are in the line of duty trying to put food on the table.

“Our boy today had a bad day in office... guyz manze no matter how stressful you are hapo kwa street usipige Msanii... #prank ni njia yao ya kutafuta unga wajameni... quick recovery @nicki_bigfish it shall be well kaka...” said the actor.

Fans came out in huge numbers to sympathize with him and wish him a quick recovery while others said that they saw it coming since most times, he takes his pranks way too far and annoys people.

Here are some of the comments;

theavieway told you .. saw this coming .. pole sana

mcatricky @theavieway aki we sasa unaongeza maumivu 😂😂😂😂😂 sisi tulichoka kumwambia

blakaende Pole sana bro... learning through such challenges is what seasoned you into becoming an entrepreneur

jakey_the_langat Wah, leo ulipatana na wale wabaya.... so sorry, get fit soon!

marggiengigi I told u utararuliwa siku moja,saa hii wakenya wako na tension ya corona virus hawataki jokes😂😂

winfredndambuki Pole, Get well soon

iam_georgeobonyo Jokes gone too far 😂😂😂

@iamjoseh_ Nicki Bigfish ameonwa war proper in his line of pranking . Many times he has crossed the lines.

@Joboyengo Huyo Nicki bigfish hua ana provoke watu sana. Si ajabu alipigwa

@Tanya_BaeKE Lakini we ile desing unaingilianga watu si poa, iyo kichapo ulifaa


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